Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection

Last night I popped over to the Trafford Centre to buy the wife some birthday presents and just couldn’t resist visiting the Artisan du Chocolat concession in Selfridges and get some chocolate bars to review. I decided then that I was also going to get myself a treat and buy, but not blog about, this Couture Collection selection box of 12 chocolates, but the reviewer in me forced me to drop a few notes about the chocolates I bought.

Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection Inside The Box

Stupidly I forgot to note down the ones I chose but Artisan du Chocolat have saved by bacon by creating a pdf you can download and see which you’ve got when you get home. From that I can work out that I selected: the Tobacco, the passion fruit, the nougat, the coriander praline, the lumi, the coffee and star anise, the marzipan, the basil and lime, the black cardamom, the lemon and thyme and a ginger one. As you may appreciate, I’d like to sit down and enjoy a good selection of them in front of a good film and a drinky-poo without writing everything down? I deserve a treat.

Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection Nougat

The first I couldn’t find on the list was a nougat affair which I found a complete departure from the usual ganaches. It was sweet, but not overly-so. There was a lovely balance of flavours but with a slight bitterness that set me off on the right path.

Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection Chilli

I then tried the tobacco, well, that’s what the guide said it was, but actually I remember requesting a chilli one, and this definitely tasted hot. I’ve nibbled on the tobacco bar and know how that tastes so was sure that this wasn’t that. The chilli was somewhat understated but still managed to apart that slight burning sensation at the back of the throat – nice but not as hot as I’d like.

Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection Passion Fruit

The passion fruit and pear pate was next up. This was much more delicate than the previous and a nice palette-cleanser. The flavours did come across well and the texture was well suited for an after dinner treat. Now excuse me, I’ve got a date with a film and some bubbly. Ta ta!

Ok, so I couldn’t resist another nibble! The ginger was delightful – right the other eight are for me …

Quick Rating:
  • 75% – delightful!


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