Cottage Delight Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Cottage Delight Chocolate Chip BiscuitsI was brought up with a wide selection of really chocolaty chocolate biscuits, and even the Sainsbury’s shortbread selection box my mother bought me for Christmas has a great deal more chocolate than these biscuits from Cottage Delight. As a chocolate addict I love anything that has ‘chocolate’ on the label to actually have at least the slightest chocolate flavour. Unfortunately these didn’t.

These chocolate chip all butter biscuits were bought near Glasgow in the summer and whilst I was sorting out my collection of chocolates I came across these and had a panic that they’d be months past their best-before-date. What I didn’t realise was they were securely sealed in a metal wrapping so they kept ‘fresh’, or at least, edible for a good few months. The problem is that they don’t actually taste all that great.

They basically just taste of biscuit with the odd bit of chocolate chip in there. You’ll get about five per biscuit which is just simply not enough.

I’ll give these a quick rating of 40% as they weren’t horrible, just a bit too plain. I wonder what their chocolate curd tastes like? As there’s a stockist about 4 miles away I’ll have to pop down there soon and find out – surely they couldn’t be as boring as these biscuits?

Lee McCoy

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