Coppeneur Trinidad 72% Chilli and Lavender

Coppeneur Trinidad 72% Chilli and Lavender Packaging

I’ve heard from a couple of sources about the nature of the Coppeneur factory and how it really doesn’t compare to others, and I’m not sure how that affects the Hotel Chocolat range and whether they still take their chocolate from Coppeneur, but I wanted to give some of their own-brand chocolate a try and see for myself. One of the worst things you can do in the chocolate world is to take other people’s opinions as gospel. Try chocolate yourself and make your own mind up.

I actually paid a lot less than I thought I would do when working out where to buy this brand – I ended up only paying €3.90 from But what shocked me about the process of receiving it was how much they harp on about “quality” throughout their website and the half a tree which was used to print out their customer service gubbins that arrived with the chocolate, it was actually very poorly packaged. I also ordered some chocolate covered pumpkins which were stroon across the box as there was no internal packaging. That’s more about the retailer than Coppeneur – but just be aware if you’re at all tempted to buy any from them.

Coppeneur Chilli and Lavender

I found the packaging very pleasant with a novel seal on the reverse, but I think their Chuao tablets just looks fantastic and wished I’d found somewhere to buy that instead. The bar itself is embossed with a cacao pod motif which doesn’t really compare with the simplicity of the Amano bars, but it still added a bit of interest to the unwrapping process.

Coppeneur Trinidad 72% Chilli and Lavender

Perhaps trying a flavoured bar isn’t the best way of truly gauging the quality of a bar, but seeing as I just love chilli chocolate I just couldn’t resist. The issue here is that the cacao from this bar comes from Trinidad and I absolutely adored the Pralus Trinidad 75% bar. It’d be hard to be more pleasant than that bar, but it actually does a good job.

Having put aside this prejudice, I dove into the bar. The cacao is of the Trinitario variety (obviously as its “birth place” is Trinidad). It offered delightful fruity tone which you can actually pick out behind the chilli and lavender. This red fruit aspect lends itself to a mulled-wine flavour when combined with the spice flavour given by the chilli and a rounded characteristic from the lavender. From that description you may envisage this bar as being complex, but it wasn’t. The three flavours are very well defined but others are seemingly lost behind the strong habanero heat.

Coppeneur Trinidad 72% Chilli and Lavender Texture

Taking a larger piece there were some woodland flavours at the outer edge which gave it some more depth. As you allow your taste buds to experience more then you may even noticed some pomander orange flavours. What’s more the melt is pretty damn good too. It slowly dissolves in your mouth and transports those flavours around your mouth.

Where To Buy The Coppeneur 72% Chilli and Lavender


  • Taste: 75% – It was very good, some good storng flavours and some more subtle ones if you go looking for them.
  • Texture: 80% – a very enjoyable mouth-feel
  • Appearance: 70% – the embossing was a bit gimmicky, but the packaging pretty good
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – the ingredients were in three languages, there was RDA information, but no booklet as you get with the Chuao bar.
  • Price: 75% – it was a good price, but the delivery costs would be prohibitive in most cases.
  • Overall: 74% – an interesting bar, it was much better than I thought it’d be. And I’d definitely like to try more – but I’ll buy them from someone else.


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