Comptoir du Cacao Coconut White Chocolate

This is a strange affair. Not only do not recall buying this bar of white chocolate with coconut pralinés feuilletés by Comptoir du Cacao but I’m not entirely sure if I like it or not. Logic says I shouldn’t. Hazelnut praline, white chocolate and coconut are three of my least favourite ways to enjoy chocolate.

On further research I must have bought it at Salon du Chocolat last year which was underwhelming. But perhaps, as may be the case with this bar, I’m just a bit to close-minded to appreciate it fully? To be fair the chocolate did look inspiring as I pulled it out of the packaging. It was reminiscent of a tiled Art Deco building as it was very angular and precise. And the intrigue continued on with the flavour where I similarly found it interesting.

White chocolate typically has a sickly, ammonia-like flavour which I naturally find unwelcome, however, here it did have that slight edge to it, but it was far more complicated than any other white chocolate I’ve tried. It was difficult to separate that chocolate aspect from the grated coconut which reportedly ‘laminated’ the praline. The secret I found to pick out the ever-changing flavours was to actually to stop masticating on that filling so my senses weren’t distracted by the audible crunch. Then the flavours will start to traverse your mouth and given the attention it deserves.

Although the praline centre was very crunchy, it gave way with ease so that it didn’t become as gritty and unpleasant as some praline I’ve had. But still, it isn’t a bar that I could have more than the three or four of the large squares as it’s a touch too sweet for my liking.


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