Cocoapod White Chocolate Butterfly

Cocoapod White Chocolate Butterfly

Where did it go? I had a white chocolate butterfly before me a moment ago. It’s either flown away or I’ve just munched it to death! In all seriousness, I just love stuff like this. I know the perception of novelty chocolate is that it doesn’t taste great, but I really did love white chocolate butterfly.

Cocoapod White Chocolate Butterfly

But doesn’t it look cute? At just 6cm across it packs in a whole heap of fun. The white chocolate is washed with differing colours. On this one I had yellow and blue which is very apt considering our new coalition government (enough about politics), however on Linda’s site they also appeared in pink and white or yellow and white.
Cocoapod White Chocolate Butterfly

As you know, I’m not the biggest white chocolate fan in the world, but I actually found that this very sweet and worked well in that there wasn’t a massive amount of it so that you didn’t feel overdosed with sweetness. Also on this occasion it was matched with a wonderful milk chocolate which might not have the greatest depth of flavours, but what it did do, it did very well. There was a sort of Dairy Milk flavour and edge to it which I’m sure kids would just love.

When I was reviewing it I was wondering how much this would cost. And for some reason I was thinking about £2.50. But actually they’re only £1.75 for 28g of chocolate, which is very good to my mind. If you’re buying some novelty chocolates for a birthday present for a young boy or girl then consider these. Linda also has a load of other chocolate goodies on here site which you can consider – I’ve got some of them to review in the next few days too.

  • Taste: 70% – it terms of the target audience I think the taste is great. It’s no gourmet chocolate, but it’s not intended to be. It does what it’s supposed to do.
  • Texture: 70% – it almost went everywhere when I bit into it. The texture is a feature that kids would love.
  • Appearance: 85% – again, it has a look that would very much appeal to children and is ready to give as it is.
  • Nutritional Information: 80% -there’s loads there. For a smaller chocolate producer, they’ve done a grand job
  • Price: 85% – superb value for money
  • Overall: 78% -certainly recommended to buy for kids for parties and birthdays, or just as a treat


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Nutritional Information:
  • Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, colour: E104, E123, E132, E171, natural vanilla
  • Milk Chocolate: minimum cocoa solids 33% & minimum milk solids 21%
  • White Chocolate minimum cocoa solids 28% & minimum milk solids 23%
  • Allergy advice: contains soya & milk protiens. May contains nuts.

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