Cocoaloco Koska’s Blend Milk Chocolate Indian Summer Bar

Cocoaloco Koska's Blend Indian Summer Bar

Over the past month I’ve over-dosed on gourmet dark chocolate from some of the world’s finest and well-known chocolatiers. But having that blinkered approach to chocolate leads to a very anaemic view of what the chocolate making world has to offer. But after seeing Cocoaloco around for a while, I’ve never actually contacted them to see what they have to offer – and that’s a mistake I’m rectifying now.

Cocoaloco Koska's Blend Milk Chocolate Indian Summer Bar

I just love Indian flavours with am a huge fan of nutmeg after adorning hot milk with it as a child. I’m also a big fan of cinnamon and cardamom so to have the three flavours combined was delightful. Obviously milk chocolate is going to be sweet but that’s just what I need to fall off the calorie-restricted diet I’m on (I’m training for next year’s London marathon). I’ve pushed the “dark chocolate is better” mantra too far and I can suffer no more. I need some sweet milk chocolate, and I need it now.

The aroma of this bar is milky, but not overly so. The sweetness is more complimented by the nutmeg tone which seems more prominent than the other spices and this is replicated completely in the flavour. There’s no harshness or bitterness and although they pretty much consistently mild, there are peeks of sweet spiciness that do catch you off guard. But, this is most certainly a bar I’d want to have as a true pick-me-up after a hard day at work.

Cocoaloco Koska's Blend Milk Chocolate Indian Summer Bar

I know it doesn’t engender some of the emotions that Pralus, Michel Cluizel, Mast Brothers and Valrhona give, but a man cannot live by dark chocolate alone. Sometimes we should just try something that’s out of our usual selection and give a UK small company a go. What’s more, the bar is made with a minimum of 78% Fairtrade ingredients and they donate 50p from each bar to SafePoint which is a charity that helps to end the unnecessary deaths of children from unsafe injections. And having recently given blood, and having a fear of needles, not only because of the pain but also because of disease, I fully support that charity.

This bar will definitely go into my guilty pleasures box – not because its an ordinary bar of milk chocolate, but because it gives that strange sweet spicy edge that I just adore.

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