"Cocoa" Selection Box

Cocoa Selection Box

Following on from the Welsh Mountain Chocolate Bar I thought I’d give the Selection Box I bought from Cocoa in Bala in north Wales a go as they looked pretty good. Unfortunately looks can be very deceptive.

Cocoa Selection Box

The first I tried was a fairly interesting one which I just couldn’t place. It had the taste of one of the pills I occasionally had as a child – perhaps it was crunched up aspirin? But whatever this was supposed to taste of and I’d hazard a guess that it was strawberry given the red swirls on the top, it wasn’t very nice. Whatsmore, there was a very crunchy, almost biscuity texture mixed with a bit of Turkish-delight style resistance. Not a good start.

Cocoa Selection Box

Next up we had a milk chocolate caramel which, and I hate to admit it, reminded me of the smell of my dog’s produce after a dodgy stomach. I’m sorry to admit it. Then there was a peanut-buttery taste to the caramel which was most unexpected which was then followed by a strange cookie dough note. The caramel was runny and the chocolate, itself, very moist. This was another let-down.

Cocoa Selection Box

And lastly we had a peach type bon bon which had a more solid centre than I would have expected. The texture was unexciting but the flavour was the best of a bad bunch. The sweetness was a bit too much and the milk chocolate uninspiring. There’s not much more I can write about this. Other than: if you’re in Bala don’t buy them.

For the £3.80 for eight of three varieties, they’re not worth it. The price would give it away. They looked very much like the 12 mixed chocolates from Lauden Chocolate for £7.90 but I’d expect these to be much better and not a patch on the Chocolate Cellar Selection Box, the Melt Chocolates Truffles & Bon Bon Selection Box or the Paul A. Young House Selection. Essentially, you get what you pay for.

I don’t have the will power to think of these chocolates any more so I’m going to give them a rating of just 30%. But if you did want to buy them then you can from Cocoa which is half way down the Hight Street in Bala, north Wales.

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  • One of the worst chocolate selection boxes I’ve had all year (or last)! only 30% rating. http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/cocoa-

    • ChocMission

      @chocolatereview Oh dear that doesn’t look very good :(

    • Choclette8

      @chocolatereview Oh dear, they certainly didn’t sound up to much.