Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles, Gianduja and Turkish Delight

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

When I was researching the list of chocolate shops in Scotland I came across Cocoa Mountain and just desperately wanted to go there. I’m partial to a bit of solitude, sitting there looking at the waves wash up upon the shore and you can hardly get more out of the way on the British mainland than Cocoa Mountain, in fact Google doesn’t even recognise their post code it’s that remote.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

I had a good poke around their website and almost bought some a few weeks ago but didn’t as I was mad busy with the day job and probably wouldn’t be able to find time to do them justice, but alas, the lovely Rachel dropped me a line and asked if I’d like to try some? And of course I said yes, who wouldn’t??

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

When the box arrived there were a few fragments of truffle on the inside of the padded envelope and the box that housed them and there was also a bit of a bent which did take a slight shine off the first impressions. But the most important thing to note that it’s the last impressions that count … and they will last a life-time! What’s more, I loved the imaginative menu which came in the form of the paper ribbon that held the box together.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles - Cherry

I first tried the black cherry and almond truffle which just melted away into nothing within a few seconds. The cheery flavour was intense but short-lived – almost like a Wayne Rooney fling. This truffle was a grand way to open the reviews.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles - Coffee

The second was an absolutely fabulous coffee delight. The flavour wasn’t overly intense but managed to be magically seductive. I would like a whole box of these to munch on a winter’s night. Sublime.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles - Chilli Lemongrass

The third almost came to a sticky end as it squished between my fingers as I picked it up. I think it was the chilli lemongrass truffle which seemed to be a hot and spicy lemon curd coated in coconut. The chilli flavour didn’t come through right until the end, so it might surprise some people. This was another one that’s new to me and very glad at I tried.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

I then troubled myself with the next. This tasted out of this world! I kid you not. I think it was the whisky caramel cappuccino and wow! It really hit the spot!! The flavour was just at the right level and the texture matched, being incredibly soft and delicate – I’d walk the several hundred miles to have one of these!

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

I couldn’t tell what the next was, but it was similarly light and sweet. Perhaps it wasn’t as endorphin producing as the previous, but still, very nice indeed.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles - Cranberry and Cashew

Next up it was the cranberry and cashew milk truffle which was not only sweet with a mild edge but soft and crunchy. Another wicked truffle!!

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

I don’t know what this one is but it doesn’t matter really as its damn fantastic. I’m getting a slight praline after-taste so it must be the dark chocolate version. There’s an intense earthiness to it which is sensational and the texture just is sensational.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

I died and went to heaven with the next. I can’t overstate it but the dark peppermint was unbelievable. It may have reminded me of mint Vienetta – but that’s no bad thing. Truly remarkable.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles

I think this next one was the blood orange and mandarin which was also intense but with a mild fruity flavour that could so easily have dominated the affair, but let the creamy truffle centre play its part. Gorgeous.

Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Truffles - Turkish Delight

And then it was the turn of the rose Turkish delight. I’m not a big fan of either, but this was very soft and just the right amount of rose flavour. A marvel!

For the first time I’ve actually decided not to finish off a selection box – apart from Chocolatier’s Table which was just too huge to eat in one go. I’m going to either save the rest for fiends or just eat them just for pleasure and not to review.

  • Taste: 100% – I absolutely loved the flavours, the imagination and variety! Collectively they were exceptional
  • Texture: 95% – the textures were divine. Obviously there was some variation as there were a variety of different chocolates – some I preferred than others.
  • Appearance: 90% – slightly battered on the way down. But who cares?
  • Nutritional Information: 95% – I looked on at this bit first and was shocked at the detail and expected them to taste artificial – I was soooo wrong!
  • Price: 95% – they’re £20.95 for 20 and exceptional value
  • Overall: 95% – out of this world. It’s over a 9 hour drive there. Perhaps I’ll make it up there next summer?


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