Cocoa Boutique Easter Collection

The one thing missing from my life is a box of filled chocolates dropping through my door every week month – and I’m serious about that. Today I reached into my seemingly bottomless supply of fine chocolate bars hoping for something flavoursome to jolt me out of my working malaise and I found yet another bar. Now that may sound like one of those typical ‘first world problems’ that people glibly comment about on social media, but the issue was very real to me. Flavour is important to me – and so is variety. I completely missed out on the timing of this review as it’s an Easter collection – and I’ll give myself a sharp slap on the wrist for doing so, but hopefully this review will at least give an indication of what Cocoa Boutique is all about.

The Box

Firstly if you live outside of London as I do then the ability to get an ever-changing supply of filled chocolates on a whim is almost impossible. Warrington, where I live, has a complete lack of chocolatiers of any kind. We have a Thornton’s and that’s it – and have to travel half an hour for anything decent (and I’m too lazy). So the opportunity to have various filled chocolates sent to me would be great. Even seasonal chocolates that I could give as a present if I stupidly forgot to get a relation a present (it happens).

The Menu

I’ve always been dubious about the ‘aggregated’ filled chocolates monthly subscription thing as I’ve always had in my mind that if I buy them then I’d like to walk into the shop and choose the selection myself. But that just doesn’t happen. And when it comes to self-gifting choosing your own truffles just doesn’t offer the same sort of surprise. I’m also too tight to pay London prices too often (I am Northern), so being able to try out the creations of a very wide range of British-based chocolatiers including Stephen and Sun Trigg (who also make wonderful chocolate-covered brownies), James Hutchins. Damian Alsop et al are a very welcomed opportunity – especially given the price.

The Chocolates

My problem is that I’ve abstained from filled chocolate for far too long I’ve actually gorged myself on half of them without even looking at the ‘menu’ or even who made them. But by returning to the card I loved the Cointreau one, the Lemon Smoothie, whilst he salted caramel was a bit thicker than used to.

Given that the prices are reasonable and there’s flexibility in how frequently the boxes are delivered I feel their offering to the more discerning chocolate lover is an attractive one and should be considered, not only by those outside of the capital, but those inside that would like a surprise every month or two – especially as they also put a lot of effort into describing the chocolates, the makers and the whole process – as well as allow you to give feedback on them.

You can find the range they have available here.


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