Co-Operative Chocolate Tiffin

I just fancied a break from chocolate bars so I just nipped out to my local co-op to see what chocolate goodies they had and I came back with these Chocolate Tiffin which are basically squares with a chocolate biscuit base made with sultanas and then a Belgium milk chocolate topping. They sounded great. But when I actually tried them, they were decidedly average.

I love anything biscuity, I’d cause criminal damage in the name of cheesecake, but these chocolate tiffin weren’t anything to get out of bed for. They look fantastic and have a very appealing aroma, but after that its just a bit boring.

The chocolate base is a bit too dry and the texture slightly strange with the chewy sultanas and the crunchy base. It just didn’t work. I’d suggest that you just go for some nice cookies instead – at least you can dunk them in your tea when its this cold! Especially when you realise they cost £1.63.

Quick Rating: 45%

Lee McCoy

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