Sweet As Chunky Ginger Delight Brownies

I thought the Belgian Chocolate Brownies from Sweet As I reviewed a few months ago were out of this world. But their Chunky Ginger Brownies are so far out of this world the planet will never be discovered. They’re simply unbelievable!

Jenny who runs Sweet As has updated the packaging and made them very sophisticated and offers a lot more nutritional and general information now. But you’re not interested in that. What you’re interested in is how they taste, and I must admit I’ve never tried any brownies from any supermarket or any other bakery that comes anywhere close to these from Sweet As.

The ginger flavour isn’t too strong but gives it fantastically warm edge that compliments the sweetness of the Belgium chocolate exceptionally well. There’s no lingering taste other than a feeling of complete satisfaction.

The texture is absolutely spot on too. The inside is perfectly moist and the outside a great crunch to it which combines to provide a delightful texture as you bite in to it.

The only I have is that of stopping eating it. Each 340g tray is supposed to serve 6 people. You’d be lucky to get 3 out of it as everyone will be wanting double portions. It really is that good.

Jenny has taken the link down to where to buy online as she’s created new flavours and needs to update the photography with the new design. I just hope that she puts it back up soon because I would like everyone to try some. In the meantime if you’re on Facebook you could join her group or follow her on Twitter to find out when they’re able to be bought again.


Taste: 100% – perfect! There’s nothing I can say, just that the balance of flavours and sweetness is spot on.

Texture: 100% – There’s crunch and softness all in one. Simply fantastic!

Appearance: 100% – I just love the new design. When you pull the tray out of the packaging you’re met with a big slab of chocolate brownie that isn’t pretentious. You’re getting a great treat so there’s no point trying to make it look all fancy – that’s what you’re supposed to do with chocolate bars.

Nutritional Information: 90% – For a smaller retailer and producer to give the level of information that Jenny gives is fantastic!!

Price: 90% – The old price was £8.50 – I’m not sure if it’ll stay again. But that works out to be £1.42 a serving which is exceptionally good value.

Overall: 96% – I didn’t think I’d ever find any chocolate creation to outscore the wonderful Caffè Macchiato Truffles, but I have. My advice – buy both!

Note: Neither Jenny or anyone else has paid for review. Jenny provided me the brownies as I asked for them. The views are completey mine and unpromted. I just felt I should say that incase anyone thought my arm was twisted to give such a glowing review.

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