Chunky Chocolate Orange Brownies

There seems to be a pleasure and pain thing going on with this time of year. Thankfully it’s not a zero sum game. The pleasure comes from the Say It With Brownies chocolaty delights which I seem to review every November more than compensate for the displeasure I endure paying for the MOT. But life still isn’t perfect. If it were, I would have the ability to consume all twelve slices of these delightful brownies without hiding from the bathroom scales. As life is too short, I dove in headlong to a mix of soft, chocolate heaven.

Last year I reviewed their Cookies & Cream Brownies which were beyond decadent and this Chunky Chocolate Orange version is very much of the same level of awesomeness. Of course they’re beautifully presented, expertly packaged and sufficient in quantity to last even the largest rural family through a harsh winter. But they’re also perfect to whimsically provide relief from any office-induced angst.

I’m sure those that open the many layers of paper, card and ribbon will at first be ecstatic, but then descend into a state of perplexity as they struggle to work out how they can consume so many brownies without an ounce of guilt passing their conscience. This is a perfect time to invite your friends around for a cuppa.

Each of the brownies are liberally covered with icing sugar and made with a perfect balance of orange flavoured chocolate pieces, golden syrup, sugar and more chocolate – of the dark variety.

I’ve never been one for Terry’s chocolate oranges, mainly because I believe there’s much better chocolate out there, and hence was sceptical how I’d receive these brownies. I have to say that the orange flavour was mild and consistent. Part of me wished for some thick-cut marmalade piquancy, but in any volume that would have quickly become excessive. Thankfully the flavour aspect of the brownie was spot on – very clear and rounded. The sweetness, texture and  richness are well balanced so that you do feel that you’ve slightly over-indulged after polishing off two or three, but not enough that you’ll have an unbearable sense of guilt. Which leads me to conclude that each slice is perfectly sized to satisfy but not to overwhelm. In isolation they’re perfect and collectively they offer a week’s worth of indulgence – well a weekend’s anyway.

One may ask if £18.99 is an excessive price. I believe not. If you’re having a dinner party, the girls around or just want to treat a good friend or relation then I think that around £1.50 a slice, including delivery and fantastic packaging is a good price.

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Quick Rating:
  • 83% – just what I needed. Sweet, but not excessively so.


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