Chocolate Craft Christmas Pudding Truffles

Chocolate Craft Christmas Pudding Truffles Packaging

Whilst I was enjoying the sun on my recent holiday I was caught in a juxtaposition of loving the hot Portuguese weather whilst wanting to enjoy the chocolaty delights that Christmas offers. Whilst the adverts on the British channels I could receive peaked my interest, the lack of Portuguese chocolatiers depressed me. What kept me going through the lazy days sitting on the beach doing nothing but soak up the rays and reading the Chocolate Fortunes book was the thought that I’ve got some Christmas themed chocolates awaiting my return – and I get going with my first post-vacation review with these Christmas Pudding Truffles from Chocolate Craft.

I met the guys from the Chocolate Craft company at the The Speciality Chocolate Fair 2010 a couple of months ago and they took my details after saying they’d send some over to review. They duly arrived last month, but I’ve left them to review until now as they had a best before date until March next year and I wanted to do a whole series of Christmas chocolate reviews in the run-up to the big day.

My first reaction when I picked them out of the box they arrived in was that they looked perfect for those looking for chocolate stocking fillers – they’re the right size and are the sought of novel product that satisfy your parents or friends that love the odd tipple with their chocolate.

Chocolate Craft Christmas Pudding Truffles

Often these large festivals are an excuse for chocolate makers to produce rubbish because they know they’ll still manage to sell whatever they create. A perfect example of this can be seen with the Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Truffles which were plainly dreadful. Thankfully these Christmas truffles were anything but.

The packing is simply designed with the most basic of appearance that only hints at Christmas. The snowflakes are the only sign, other than the word “Christmas” that give away the truffle’s theme. This is a credit to them as it differentiates their offering from chocolates that have an overly gimmicky style that are often used to target children. As these truffles contain Courvoisier CS Cognac it’s probably a good idea that they probably won’t be as visually appealing to children if they were mistakenly placed next to a box of Cadbury Roses that were left within reach whilst the old-folk sleep off their Sherry overdose.

The truffles themselves visually reminded me of the Moko Chocolate Truffles which brought back traumatic memories. Again I was glad that this similarity passed quickly. The flakes did look a touch dry if I want to be hyper-critical. But the flavour was spot on.

The Christmas Pudding flavour was a carbon copy of those puddings I’ve had in the past. I could pick up the spices with the fruit and the Courvoisier VS Cognac lifted it out of the nice and placed it into the delicious category. The dominant flavour which lasts from start to finish is of oranges with transitionary spice characteristics, with only the slightest appearance of raisins – much to its benefit.

Chocolate Craft Christmas Pudding Truffles Texture

The apparent dryness of the outside wasn’t continued within. Inside you’ll find them moist which offers a pleasant texture against your teeth as you bite in.

There is only one problem, however. And that’s that there are only six of them. I’ve munched through them within a few minutes and I’m sure they’d disappear even quicker if they were shared on Christmas day.

On a side note, they do chocolate craft workshops too! I’ll have to book in next time I visit my client in Southampton.

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  • Taste: 75% – very Christmas indeed, sweet but not overly-so. The Courvoisier Cognac added a wonderful edge to the experience
  • Texture: 75% – the centre was beautifully soft and delicate. The outside may looked fairly dry, but I’m not really sure how they could change that!!
  • Appearance: 75% – the design was wonderfully simplistic with just the label differentiating this Christmas selection from their others.
  • Nutritional Information: 75% – very good indeed, there’s detailed percentages of cocoa solids.
  • Price: 80% – they’re £5.50 for six and obviously just under the benchmark £1 each level where I typically seperate fresh from long-life truffles. The Cognac will aid the shelf-life of these truffes, but I wander how they’d taste straight off the ‘production line’? Still delicious, non-the-less.
  • Overall: 76% – there may be a plethora of Christmas chocolates out there, but try these out, I’m sure you’ll appreciate them.


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