Chocolate Christmas Crackers

So you’ve got chocolate Christmas trees and the chocolate Christmas tree decorations to go with them, the chocolate wreath to hang on the door and some chocolate snow globes to place on the mantel piece. But what’s missing? Well how about some chocolate Christmas crackers?

From my childhood I remember various forms of crackers, from the cheap Tesco ones to the more expensive form M&S or Waitrose. But none really cut the mustard, none really managed to add that extra layer of chocolate to proceedings. Thankfully Hotel Chocolat into the fray with a variety of table crackers, an extremely large Christmas cracker, and these mini ones. And I’m very much grateful for their endeavours.

It seems that Hotel Chocolat are the best, large scale chocolatier, when it comes to festive chocolate gifts and at Christmas I feel they really come into their own. Just look at their chocolate advent calendars, last year they were beautiful, but this year they’re even more gorgeous – I believe they’re hard to beat at this time of year. But how do these mini Christmas crackers compare? Well, if you’re just want some chocolate then for your money you’re better off just buying one of their selection boxes, but if you want to add an extra bit of pizazz to your dinner table or Christmas tree then these are really what you should be looking at – especially as their size makes them very much suited to a crammed dinner table.

For your £15 you’ll get ten, each with one of their bon bons inside. There’s no indication which of the Rhubarb Fool, Billionaire Shortbread, Berry Mousse, Cinnamon Praline or Simple Milk Truffle you’ll get, but that’s half of the fun as I doubt that anyone would have a dislike to any of those chocolates.

Part of me, ok the entire part of me, wished that these crackers made the ‘bang’ you’d get from the normal crackers, but there’s probably some health and safety rule about sending them through the post. That being said, having crackers without a bang avoids the sulphur smell spoiling the wonderful roast turkey aroma.

We all know that Hotel Chocolat do make very good chocolates considering they’re a company that seems to make a million different products throughout the year, so I expect that all of your guests will absolutely love the ones they’re lucky enough to get. If you’re interested, my personal favourite is the Billionaire Shortbread.

Because of their size and that, only get the one bon bon inside and that there’s no hat nor joke, then I’m sure more people would prefer the much larger table crackers which sell for £5 each. I’m sure many of you will still just through a box of Christmas crackers in to your trolley as you pass through your supermarket, but why spend hours on preparing Christmas dinner, why wait weeks looking forward to that moment when it all comes together and then have cheap Tesco Christmas crackers for your family? I won’t be, this year I’ll make sure we have some these Hotel Chocolat ones on the table (regardless of the cost).

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