Christmas at Santa’s House

Christmas at Santa's House from Hotel Chocolat
Fairy Not Included

I’ve had few chocolate products to review that have been more addictive than this Christmas at Santa’s House full of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. I opened the box a couple of days to do some photos and have been meaning to write up the review but I haven’t managed to do so until now. In the intervening period, however, the fifteen chocolates that were there to start off with has now been whittled down to just six – as I passed my chocolate room I’d normally just take one out of the box, unwrap it and savour the moment.

A Chocolate Penguin

Of course these little chocolate reindeers, Santa’s and penguins have appeared in many of the Hotel Chocolat Christmas gifts over the past couple of years including the Tiddly Reindeers and are very similar to their Christmas Dinners and aren’t, perhaps, made with their finest couverture – but that’s immaterial as just incredibly addictive.

Each figure is made out of their standard 40% recipe, well perhaps not as this year it tastes a touch darker and less of honey than it did last year – I wonder if it has actually changed? But it’s beside the point though as I’m sure that many children would love them and if I was a parent I’d far prefer my children to have this sort of chocolate at Christmas than the ‘chocolate’ you’ll find in your supermarket which is only 23% cocoa solids – if you’re lucky!

The packaging, I would say is aimed at young children with the wistful design – it looks like both Father Christmas and the reindeer peering out of the window is just longing for Christmas Day – and its beautifully done. The artwork is fabulous, there’s no denying it, but with things as they are, I’d prefer more than fifteen for my £12, perhaps eighteen would be about the mark. As is the case for Hotel Chocolat this year I feel, if I was buying chocolate for my family that it’d be pushing what I’d be willing to pay. Although I am incredibly tight.

But If I was thinking of myself, I’d badger the guys at Hotel Chocolat to send me what they had after Christmas.


Quick Rating:
  • 69% – I’d like them to be cheaper, but you can’t fault them on taste and convenience.


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