Prestat Choxi 70% Dark Chocolate Bar With Oriental Mint

I’ve had this Prestat Choxi 70% Dark with Oriental Mint Chocolate Bar in my collection for probably a year now and as I’m trying to review stuff before its best before data this was due its five minutes of infamy. I wish I never had bothered. This is going to be one of the quickest reviews I’ve done as its simply dreadful.

The packaging may look not bad and the fact that it’s made with oriental mint also contributed to the reason why I bought it. I’m a sucker for interesting looking packaging and whilst I was in the Prestat shop in London this was the least garish of all the chocolates they had on offer. Just like snakes, if something is brightly coloured you should take it as a warning sign to stay away. I know that now but back then I’d give anything a go.

So why should you avoid this bar? Well it tastes rubbish. The first thought I got when I tried it was of the suburbs of Prague which I visited some fourteen years ago. Back then they hadn’t been out of communist rule long and certainly hadn’t any concept of environmental protection. This bar reminded me of the acrid aroma of those industrial districts that I got lost in. I found it difficult to breathe then and I find it similarly hard to swallow this chocolate.

There’s hardly any chocolate flavour able to break through that chemical aspect that dominates the whole bar given to it by the mint oil. It just zaps the life out of your tongue and your taste buds are left screaming for some libation to quench its slow and painful suffering. In fact I’ll be searching Wikileaks to see if this is used in the torture of unfriendly captives. If not, it should!

I don’t want to go overboard and produce some sensationalist rant to get attention, but this quite possibly is the worst chocolate I’ve ever tasted, even worse than Canderel Dark Chocolate. Just give it a miss.

Lee McCoy

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  • Lowe

    I love the vivid writing! Snakes, industrial pollution, and torture. You made your point very clearly!