How To Choose Wedding Favour Packaging

Choosing the package for your wedding favours is yet another important decision to make. Should you use boxes or bags? Maybe glass containers or simply a ribbon tied around the item would be more appropriate. Whatever packaging you choose for your wedding favours, make sure that they will be large enough for the gift items you have selected. It would be terrible to order 100 boxes only to receive them a week before the wedding and find out that they are to small to hold the gift you have chosen for your guests. A large number of gift bags, boxes, and other unique packaging materials are available for your wedding favours at

Ready Filled Containers

You may even consider ready filled favours such as Godiva favour boxes or Kiddies filled favour jars also available at By ordering ready filled wedding favours, you eliminate the time you would spend assembling the gifts. Many brides don’t realize how time consuming this process actually is until they have already taken on the task themselves.

Making Containers

You may want to make the wedding favour bags or boxes yourself. Keep in mind though that this is, again, a very time consuming project, and you should ensure ahead of time that you will be able to complete the task in time for the wedding day. This again is an excellent place to enlist the help of close friends and family who want to be a part of the planning of your special occasion. While making containers can take some time, it can also save you some money.

Tulle Bags

One idea for making simple bags for candies or other sweets is to purchase some tulle material and ribbon in the desired colours of your wedding. Using a plate or other round object of appropriate size as a template, cut the material into circles, place the gift in the centre, then bunch up the outer edges around the gift and tie with a piece of ribbon. To achieve a zigzag effect around the edges, use pinking shears when cutting out the circles.

Decorated boxes

Another option that may save you some money when purchasing containers for your wedding favours is to buy small, plain boxes at a local craft store and decorate them yourself. You may want to use ribbons, small silk flowers, cutout designs, or other craft items. The possibilities for decorating a simple box are endless. If you are good at calligraphy, you may even consider personalizing each box.


Cones made from coloured paper or paper doilies are also good containers for small items such as candies or other sweets. Roll the paper or doily into a cone and secure with glue. Simply fill the cones with the gift. You may even consider attaching a bow or ribbon to each cone.

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