Chocri Personalised Dark Chocolate Bar

Chocri Personalised Dark Chocolate Bar Packaging

I picked up another chocolate bar from the wonderful people at Chocri. Last time it was a very strange combination of Ginger, Ground Chilli, Volcano Cashews and Bacon with Milk Chocolate but this time my contact there passed me the a different one to try out as that was just a bit too strange to be represent what people normally create.

Chocri Personalised Dark Chocolate Bar Texture

This one had goji berries, ground chillies and basil on dark chocolate and was a nice combination of sweet and sour. The 72% dark chocolate was a very agreeable dark chocolate that was a touch sweeter than normal and does act as a good backdrop to the available flavours that people choose to adorn it with. Of course it’s never going to be full of flavour or top of the range chocolate with a base price of £3 and also needing to “work” with a variety of toppings.

Chocri Personalised Dark Chocolate Bar

The goji berries were undeniably sweet and the chilli powder only offering the slightest of heat that appeared like a brief glimpse of winter sun and the basil gave it a strange edge that distracted from the other flavours. I feel like it tried to provide the different points of a flavour triangle, rather than building layers of flavours. But who can I criticise? The whole point of Chocri is to create strange flavour combinations and offering you the role of chocolatier.

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