chocoMe Bespoke Dark Chocolate Bar with Rose, Cherry, Strawberry and Cinnamon

chocoMe Bespoke Dark Chocolate Bar

I broke the news last year that Chocri were coming to the UK market and this bar from chocoMe very much reminded me of that first bespoke bar I reviewed. The design of the chocoMe website is very much similar although the packaging is appears more robust.

Unlike the previous chocolate bars I received, I didn’t actually choose the ingredients on this bar, and there’s a good chance I would have chosen these as they contain crystallised rose petals (yes I know they’re normally for old people), freeze-dried sour cherry, freeze-dried strawberry and cinnamon. I love the soft flavour of rose whilst I also adore the sharp characteristic of cherry and strawberry whilst the cinnamon offers a nice undertone.

The dark chocolate isn’t anything that will knock your socks off – you’ll never get Valrhona mixed with these sorts of flavours as firstly that’ll be sacrilegious, but it’d also make the bars too expensive. I randomly chose for ingredients on a dark chocolate base and it came to 1,350 Forints which worked out at about £4.54 which for 100g isn’t too bad.

Close up the bar looks scary – almost like a scene from Embarrasing Bodies but from a normal distance its looks not too bad. I think having ingredients which are essentially red may put some people off. But as you have a very wide range of ingredients and colours to choose from, I’m sure most people will add a nice balance of colours, textures and flavours – and that’s where the fun aspect comes. Looking through their gallery of creations some of them do look very appealing.

Going back to the chocolate, this can so often be bad in these sorts of bars, but actually it was pretty good. There wasn’t a massive amount of flavour, but it what it did offer was pleasant.

I’m not sure how competitive the price is in the local market would be, but I’d certainly suggest that if you’re in Hungary that you give them a go. I’m not entirely sure how practical it is for UK consumers though.

Where To Buy This Bespoke Dark Chocolate Bar with Rose, Cherry etc.

  • Taste: 65% – actually a very nice balance of flavours and the dark chocolate base wasn’t bad either
  • Texture: 70% – great if you like crunch, but for some reason I like soft fruits within the chocolate bar itself
  • Appearance: 70% – this bar was very red, but sweet looking
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – this bar improved on the Chocri one because it had a better list of ingredients
  • Price: 70% – I do think its good value for money in Pounds, but not sure what its like in Forints
  • Overall: 69% – with trying if you like to investigate what the world has to offer.

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