ChocolatiersNB: this list is a year old. I’l update it as soon as I get a lull in the reviews.

Below you’ll find some of the chocolatiers and chocolate makers I’ve profiled. Click on the name of the chocolatier for detailed information, or just view the summary information to filter through the list. If I’m missing any, please let me know!

The Best Chocolatiers / Chocolate Makers

  • Amedei – Italian, founded 1990
  • Askinosie – American, focus on more than Fairtrade chocolate
  • Amano – American, one of the best chocolatiers in the world
  • Beschle – Swiss chocolatier, established 1898, I just love their chocolates
  • Chapon – French chocolatier, started in 1986, excellent chocolate indeed
  • Jean-Paul Hevin – French chocolatier, wonderfully packaged, refined taste
  • Mast Brothers – American chocolatiers, make superb chocolate the old-fashioned way
  • Michel Cluizel – French chocolatiers, make some outstanding single origin bars
  • Patrick Roger – Frech chocolatier, great flavours from cacao sourced from a variety of nations
  • Paul A. Young – English, uses Valrhona, fantastic truffles and CarrĂ©
  • Pralus – French chocolatiers, making fairly acidic bars with cocoa from a wide variety of nations
  • Varhona – French chocolatiers, with a fantastic variety of single-origin chocolate, definitely one to try.

Very Good Chocolatiers

  • Artisan du Chocolat – UK, imaginative chocolatier with a wonderful range of chocolate bars made with cocoa from less prominent nations
  • Rococo Chocolates – I’m mainly tried their chocolate art and only had a passing introduction to their ganaches and truffles at a tasting event.Booja Booja -delicious chocolate truffles made ethically
  • Demarquette English – only opened his boutique in London in 2006, packaging underwhelming, made from cocoa from a wide variety of nations
  • Dolfin – a Belgian chocolate maker focusing on unusual flavours
  • Domori – Italian Chocolatier which makes square chocolate blocks with single origin cocoa from around the world.
  • Hotel Chocolat – UK Chocolatiers, improving every year, some very imaginative and tasty bars, very innovative, commercialised, own a plantation in St. Lucia
  • Neuhaus – Belgian chocolatiers, their shops appear to work on a franchise system, great customer service, interesting chocolates
  • Venchi – Italian chocolatiers, founded in 1878, make a good variety of single origin bars
  • Zotter – Austrian chocolatiers, placed in this class as they do make imaginative bars very well.

Good Chocolatiers

  • Bonnat – French chocolatier, set up in 1884, I haven’t thought the chocolate has been all that special
  • Bovetti – French chocolatier set up in 1994, strange flavours
  • Charbonnel et Walker – English chocolatier and chocolate maker to the Queen, focuses on chocolate truffles
  • Divine – more commercial than most on this list, set up in 1998 and focuses on fair-trade chocolate from Ghana
  • El Rey – Venezuelan chocolatier founded in 1929.
  • Galler – French chocolatier making commercialised chocolate batons, truffles etc.
  • Godiva – Belgian Chocolatier making truffles, pralines and the odd bar.
  • Green & Blacks UK / American chocolatier- founded in 1991 but sold to Cadbury in 2005 and then again with the purchase by Kraft in 2010
  • Grenada Chocolate Company – Grenadian Chocolatiers making chocolate out a very small factory on their own plantation.
  • Montezuma’s – English chocolatiers, commercialised, nothing really excites me

Average Chocolatiers

  • Guylian – Belgian chocolatiers, founded in 1960, make very commercialised chocolates.
  • Prestat – great for flashy chocolate gifts, they taste nice, but I don’t feel they’re anything special.

Poor Quality Chocolatiers

  • Leonidas – Belgian Chocolatiers, just my opinion but the quality of service and the chocolates are bettered regularly.
  • Plamil – English chocolate maker of “free from” chocolate, many will like but I didn’t.

Unreviewed Chocolatiers

  • Bernard Castelain – French chocolate, set up in 1994 – awaiting review
  • Blanxart – Spanish chocolate, – awaiting review
  • Caffarel – Italian chocolatier, established 1826 – awaiting review
  • Cailler – Swiss chocolatier, established 1819 – awaiting review
  • Callebaut – Belgium chocolatier, established 1850, started making chocolate in 1911 – awaiting review
  • Cemoi – French chocolatier, established 1814 – awaiting review
  • Guido Gobino – Italian chocolatier, established in 1946, based in Turin
  • Hachez – German chocolatiers, bar in my collection to review.
  • Malagasy – Madagascan Chocolatier, I believe they’ve closed down now
  • Pierre Marcolini– Belgian chocolatier, supposed to be one of the best.
  • Pacari
  • Richart– also supposed to be very good! Will be ordering some to review soon.

    Profiles To Come Soon