Chocolate & Vanilla Stout From Morrisons

Chocolate & Vanilla Stout From Morrisons

Whilst I was in my local Morrisons a couple of months or so ago looking for Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer I came across this chocolate and vanilla stout and just had to try some. I couldn’t tell you how much it cost as I can’t find the receipt, but I think it was around £1.99 for the bottle. I’m not the biggest stout drinker, although I my beverage of choice is proper beer, not lager, so at least I’m halfway there.

The bottle looked very intriguing and mentioned that it uses “the best of British malt barley”, although I have no idea of the origin of the chocolate – it could be anywhere, but seeing as it says “chocolate and vanilla flavourings” it doesn’t actually have to be real chocolate.

Chocolate & Vanilla Stout From Morrisons

In terms of alcohol content it comes in at 4.5% vol which isn’t a weak beer by any stretch of the imagination and with a 500ml bottle I do believe you’re getting your money’s worth.

But what about the aroma? As soon as I removed the cap I got a strong chocolaty whiff which was carried by a very robust stout aroma that was actually very appealing. Although as you bring your nose close to the ale it does actually remind me of the flavour of the Le Whif.

Chocolate & Vanilla Stout From Morrisons

In terms of flavour there’s only the slightest hint of chocolate as you first sip it, but as you let it settle the flavours do come out and becomes distinguishable. I wouldn’t say it’s strong as it really can’t be against the pervasive nature of stout, but you can definitely notice it.

Chocolate & Vanilla Stout

Despite being an ale drinker, this stout is imminently drinkable. It’s going down very well and is getting me in the mood for a boozy Friday evening. And why not.

Just a quick review here, but I’d definitely give it a 75%. But that might be affected by a stressful week at work and the deep joy that it’s nearly the weekend.

Have fun guys and girls!

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