Chocolate Tree Whisky, Nibs and a bit of a Plea

whiskyOne of the advantages of having an extended break from chocolate reviewing is that it brings you closer to how most ‘normal’ people associate with chocolate: less so a collection of compounds, an output of craft or the focus of a marketing plan, but more so the provider of bliss, intrigue and variety.

In my current role I play with websites and interact with people. The later allows me to see first-hand what people think of chocolate and how little ordinary people know about how its made and where it comes from. But more importantly it allows me to identify what people think about chocolate, how narrow their likes have become and how problematic the task of the fine chocolate industry is.

This monk-like abstinence from chocolate has forced me not to take it for granted. To appreciate the flavours again. An what a powerful chocolate to have my rebirth with: The Chocolate Tree Whisky and Nibs with a blended South American 69%. I just do not know where to start. It’s a whirlwind of caramel, almond, cherry, TCP, bubblegum, aniseed. It’s like the jive dance on steriods. You’re being flung all around the place, not knowing if the next move is a twist, a throw in the air or the splits. Its certainly a million miles from the austere world I’ve known for these past twelve months.

But importantly its a chocolate that needs supporting. Well, its the people that make the chocolate that needs supporting for Ali and Friedriche need your support to help them take on the next stage of their plan to bring great chocolate to a much wider audience – and audience that I’ve seen be massively appreciative of their chocolate – both novice and expert alike. The guys have an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign going to help fund their growth and I’d really appreciate it if you can join me in supporting them. They truly do deserve your support.

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