A Chocolate Tour Of Brussels, Belgium

Having done a mystery shopping and chocolate tour of London I thought I’d go to the country most renowned for chocolate – Belgium with a chocolate tour of Brussels. My mission is to find pralines that I actually liked a lot. And seeing as pralines were first created in Brussels in 1912, I thought it was a good place to start. I’m also going to try and see if the customer service in the Leonidas shops are any better in Belgium than they were in London!

My problem is, however, that their are around 2,000 speciality chocolate shops in Belgium as a whole – this going to make the reviewing process very difficult. There is no way I’ll be able to try an adequate sample of th 172,000 tons of chocolate they make a year – but I’ll try.

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So where will I be visiting when I tour the city? Well here’s a list (I’m focusing on the ones I can’t find in the UK at the moment – I’ll add the international brands at a later date):

Central Brussels:

  1. Museum of Cocoa & Chocolate
    No chocolate tour of Brussels would be complete without a visit to a musuem of chocolate. There looks like there will be a load of useful information so I’ll try and start my tour there. The only problem is that some of the reviews I’ve seen of it have said its poor so I’ll have a look at the outside and see what I think.
    Address: Rue del tete d’or 90-11, 1000 Brussels | Guldenhoofdstraat 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
  2. La Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers Belges
    This looks like a stylish chocolatier with a funky website. I’ve only got to the first proper chocolate shop and I’m already thinking of booking an extra suitcase to bring the chocolate back!
    Grand Place 4,1000 Bruxelles, Belgique, Tel: 02 888 66 20
  3. Planete Chocolat
    This one looks like they’ve got a good variety of chocolate on offer, so I’ll definitely be paying a visit here.
    Rue du Lombard 24 – 1000 Bruxelles
  4. Pierre Marcolini
    I tried to visit the Pierre Marcolini shop in London but it had closed down, so I definitely want to make sure I visit this one.
    Minimenstraat 11000 Brussels, Belgium02 514 12 06
  5. Wittamer
    This is another slick looking chocolate shop with some interesting chocolates on offer. This is a must visit one!
    Place du Grand Sablon 12/A1000 Bruxelles, België02 512 37 42
  6. Mary Chocolatier
    This has a Victorian feel to it. I’ll definitely make it to this chocolate shop.
    Rue Royale 731000 Bruxelles, België02 217 45 00
  7. Frederic Blondeel
    Apparently his chocolates are fantastic so I’ll put this shop up to of the list with Pierre Marcolini.
    Baksteenkaai 241000 Bruxelles, Belgium. Tel: 02 502 21 31
  8. Laurent Gerbaud
    The packaging reminds me of Neuhaus, but I’ve also had them recommended to me.
    Rue Ravenstein 2,1000 Brussel, Belgique. Tel: 02 511 16 02
  9. Zaabär
    Chaussée de Charleroi 1251060 Saint-Gilles, België02 533 95 80
  10. Le Chocolatier Manon
    I’m not too sure about this one.
    Jette, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgique
  11. Corné Port Royale
    This one does look nice.

    Rue au Beurre 47, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique. Tel: 02 503 07 99

  12. Elisabeth
    This is a fantastic looking, elegant chocolate shop.

    Rue au Beurre 43, 1000 Bruxelles, België. Tel: 02 344 33 03
  13. Godiva
    I’ve been to the one on Regent Street, London so if I’ve got time I’ll pop in here.
    Grote Zavel 48 1000 Brussel, België 02 502 99 06

    Eastern Brussels:

  14. Passion Chocolat
    There’s not a lot of information about this shop on their website, other than they opened this year. With a name like “Passion”, however, I’ve just got to visit them.
    Rue Père Eudore Devroye 197, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, België. Tel: 02 772 47 10

  15. Rendez-Vous Chocolat
    I can’t find a website for them, but as they’re close to Passion Chocolate, I’ll still pay a visit.
    Avenue Hansen-Soulie 841040 Etterbeek, België02 735 82 00
  16. Alchimie du Chocolat
    This doesn’t have the best website or information, but I’ll see what htey have to offer.
    Rue des Hellènes 641050 Ixelles, België02 649 77 66
  17. L’art de Praslin
    These chocolate do look fantastic and origianl. It’s a bit of a treck out to it. But I’m sure I’ll be rewarded.
    Avenue du Roi Chevalier 67,1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, België. Tel: 02 771 54 17

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  • Just planning a chocolate tour of Brussels. Have I missed any out? http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocol

    • chocablog

      @chocolatereview Planet Chocolat in Rue du Lombard is worth a visit, but I’ve never really liked Brussels much.

      • @chocablog yeh may do Bruges and Antwerp if @choqoa has an event on then.

    • SenhouseDesigns

      RT @chocolatereview: Just planning a chocolate tour of Brussels. Have I missed any out? http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocol

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  • Ann

    You simply must do the Brussels Chocolate Tour by this local tour operator in Brussels. It includes free tastings in all the most exclusive chocolate boutiques (like Godiva, Wittamer, Neuhaus..), chocolate demonstrations and a hands-on workshop how to create your own pralines!
    It was the best tour I ever did, it simply was not about eating pralines for 4 hours, but the tour allowed you to digest the chocolate by walking around the historic city learning about Belgian chocolate as well as Brussels history. The tour guide couldn’t be better and I also really appreciated the fact that he stressed to us we were under no obligation to purchase chocolate at any of the shops we went into. I never felt any pressure to buy, as the cost of the tour included our tastings. Price is 70€ pp and I honestly feel like it is a good value for your money considering the amount of time spent on the small group tour and the amount of chocolate consumed and received! MUST-DO! Life is like a box of chocolates, and God I love it!
    Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop by Global Enterprises Sightseeing in Brussels

  • Julie

    can anyone tell me if minerva chocolates are made in Belgium or if they are all made in Bath.

  • Anca Andreitu

    Rendez-Vous Chocolat has the pleasure to invite you to visit their website at http://www.rendezvouschocolat.be where you will discover plenty of their exquisite creations as well as which chocolates they work with and their famous Belgian Chocolate School. The Winter/Spring 2013 programme will be posted in the coming days.