Chocolate Stocking Fillers

The hunt for great Chocolate stocking fillers doesn’t just have to start and finish at chocolate coins, although they’re almost expected these days. But if you wanted a list of what’s hot in the world of small chocolate Christmas presents then here’s some ideas.

Hotel Chocolat – This has to be the most beautiful of all the chocolate stocking fillers this year, but that’s mainly because of the stocking filler itself which would look great hung from any fireplace or an the end of any child’s bed.

In the stocking you’ll get a cool penguin 100g slab of milk chocolate, a Reindeer Lick lollipop, some milk chocolate drops and some white chocolate drops. I know some may think the £22 price tag may be a touch high, but this is most certainly a ‘buy and forget’ present – in which I mean that you can get your children one of these, get it delivered and you don’t have to worry about filling one full of supermarket chocolate which they see every week. It’ll be unusual, original and, very probably – highly appreciated.

They do have other mix and match products should you wish to make your own Christmas stocking up, so just take a look around and see what takes your fancy.

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If chocolate coins are really your thing then you should really try and get them for as cheap as possible. Stocking Fillers has them for £99 for a bag of 50g and contains different sized gold coins. You can also get them from Chocolate Trading Co. for 99p. If found John Lewis who give you 50% more for just 1p more, so I suppose that’s the best bargain of the lot! I suppose it just comes down to personal choice, do you want to be brave and get something different this year, or does the history of giving chocolate gold coins at Christmas mean something special to you? To be honest, I’m a bit of a traditionalist, I just love chocolate coins, just not clearing up the best afterwards!

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Thorntons this year seem to have massively increased their range of chocolate stocking fillers which now extend to Florentines, Santa Lollies, a beer plaque for your father, some chocolate smothered honeycomb, white chocolate, dark chocolate Brazils, truffles, chocolate reindeers, white chocolate snowmen. If you’re buying for children on a budget I think probably Thorntons is the first place to visit.

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There are some alternatives such as A Bar Of which has stuff like a chocolate toolbox or Swiss Army Knife. Also have a look at the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza which do things such as bags of chocolate pizza slices. I also have a lot of time for Berry Scrumptious and this year they have a good range of fruit-inspired chocolate stocking fillers. Also have a look at Heals which have a good number sweets and chocolate stocking fillers which aren’t all that common around the internet. Artisan Du Chocolat often have a good range of imaginative seasonal chocolates, but at the time of writing they have nothing live on their website.

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