Chocolate Christmas Snow Globes

Chocolate Christmas Snow Globes

I realised that I only seem to blog about chocolates that I’ve actually reviewed, and not the ones I want to try out. So here’s the first of a series of posts about chocolates, bar and weird creations I just want to get my chops around. The first is the chocolate Christmas snow globes from Artisan du chocolat. Not only do they look fantastic, but if its anything like their chocolate Scotch eggs then they’re sure to taste just as good too.
Artisan du Chocolat are pretty ingenious to be honest. With this one they’re hollow spherical dark chocolate creations with caramel, cocoa nibs and biscuit bits. I can’t see any information about their size, but they’re essentially the same price as the Scotch egg and that was a very decent size indeed.

The only downside is that these can’t be posted, but you can reserve them and pick one up from either of their Chelsea, Notting Hill or Selfridges stores from 1st November! I’ll be picking one up from the Manchester Trafford Centre – you can be sure of that!

You can also get milk and white chocolate ones from Chococo which weigh 125g. These don’t look as awesome, but they could serve to be an option if the recipient is a milk chocolate fan?

Where To Buy The Chocolate Snow Globes

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