Chocolate Shot Glasses

So I thought that the best way to enjoy this was with some chocolate shot glasses. Although the Throntons alcoholic drink was delicious it was hard to work out how much of that loveliness was actually caused by the liqueur or the fact that these edible shot glasses were made out of very creamy, sweet chocolate.

I don’t know what I was expecting really seeing as twelve of these cost £6.99 and obviously isn’t aimed at chocolate connosieurs, but what I did find out is that the chocolate used isn’t all that bad. In fact they’re a heap load more palletable than the chocolate Russian roullete gift set I reviewed last Christmas – these actually tasted of chocolate. To be honest I could hardly dissasociate them from Nestle Easter eggs as they’re thick tasting, a heap of sugar and pretty nice.

The thing is that after that review, I’ve got quite a few left. So I’m hoping for a hot sunny day that I can fill them with ice cream and enjoy in a traditional pudding sense. I do, however, think they’re good for parties or hen nights if you buy their wholesale load.

Where To Buy These Chocolate Shot Glasses

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