Faith In Nature Chocolate Shampoo

Faith In Nature Chocolate Shampoo
As I recover from a post-Chocolate Week cold that has made it impossible to taste chocolate, I thought I’d put together the review of the Faith In Nature Chocolate Shampoo that I got from Ethical Superstore for the pretty steep price of £4.10. For some strange reason I went through a mad phase a couple of months ago of buying non edible chocolate stuff, including soap, candles and bath bombs – perhaps I was getting in touch with my feminine side, but its about time I jotted down my thoughts.

I’ve used this shampoo exclusively now for about 8 weeks and I can honestly say, it’s not all that great. It’s not dreadful or bad, it’s just not fantastic. I thought I should give it a few weeks to start working in case my old shampoo had contributed to any unwanted residue. At first my hair didn’t feel much different other than being slightly less shiny. After a haircut midway through the trial period … no improvement.

My hair now feels lacklustre. But perhaps that’s what real hair is supposed to feel like? A few years I remember hearing on the Underground some women talking about shampoo and how many contain waxy substances and how that builds up and makes your hair less healthy. For some reason it’s stuck with me. Perhaps over the far too many years using shampoo from big brands that use chemicals that I can’t even spell (that’s not hard) I’m just not used to natural products?

This Faith In Nature Chocolate Shampoo doesn’t contain (apparently) any Parabens or Soduim Laureth Sulphate and is pH balanced so it must be good for me – right? Who knows, but I’ll keep using it until it runs out and then work out if I want to pay over £4 for another bottle of shampoo or half that for a bottle of … well anything that’s on sale in my local supermarket.

I generally prefer chocolate with as few artificial ingredients as possible that’s why I’m a big fan of Friis Holm and Duffy so perhaps, with a little education, I won’t go back to the artificial stuff? Let’s hope.


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  • Alex

    Hehe i found this article funny ive been using the Faith in nature choco for 4 years now and its amazing….Yes its not the same texture as head and shoulders but it doesnt dry up yer hair and it smells awesome and not in a bad way 4quid aint steep for natural products just pop into boots for 5 mins and ull see 12.00 is steep for natural products yet Dr.Fischer is almost 20 quid for a bloody shampoo! xD