Chocolate Scotch Egg By L’Artisan du Chocolat

Chocolate Scotch Egg Bag View

I love imaginative chocolate. Some novelty chocolate can be completely naff. This chocolate Scotch egg is anything but, and when I saw it in the L’Artisan du Chocolat Lower Sloane Street store, I just had to buy one – even though they were £14.99 each.

Everything about this chocolate Scotch egg is true to form – except for the taste. The crumbs on the outside get everywhere, just like the real thing. The squidgy filling that you’d normally find is replaced by chocolate marshmallow. There’s puffed rice that mimics the meaty bits and then there is the white bit which is vanilla ganache and passion fruit ganache to replicate the yolk. It’s just draw-droppingly amazing.

But it doesn’t stop there. When I poked it with my finger – as you do, it felt just like the real thing! It’s just fantastic.

Chocolate Scotch by L'Artisan du ChocolatThe 72% dark chocolate shell has a fantastic, hollow-sounding crunch to it. The flavour of that shell goes exceptionally well with the chocolate marshmallow which gives it a smooth, soft edge.

Chocolate Scotch by L'Artisan du Chocolat Look At The Yolk

As you work through it you’ll find yourself licking your fingers and lips in preparation for the next bite. You’ll keep going until you reach the ‘yolk’ centre – my mouth just wasn’t big enough to get there in one go!

Some of those bites you’ll get the little crunchy puff rice pieces and it’ll just change the whole complexion of the experience. My God, I just love this! Every bite seems to be different.

The ‘yolk’ passion-fruit ganache centre even has a taste similar to that of yolk – but it a perfectly fantastic way. There’s just so much going on to fully describe all the flavours. It’s a kaleidoscope of flavours, textures, tones and any other adjective you’d like to throw at it!

But there’s the one thing that I love even more, and that’s how the bitterness of the dark chocolate works with it all.

  • Taste: 97% – awesome!
  • Texture: 100% – credit where’s due. The textures were exceptional
  • Appearance: 100% – it looks so life-like that I’m actually scared by how realistic it is!
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – there’s everything that most people will need.
  • Price: 90% – ok, so it’s not the cheapest novelty chocolate item you’ll ever buy, but creating something this fantastic will take a awful lot of time and effort.
  • Overall: 93.4% – great work guys. Exceptional, delicious, novel, creative, delightful …


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