Chocolate Pumpkin – The Yumpkin

Not all chocolate at Halloween should be given away. Some of it you should hoard yourself. Now I’m not typically a milk chocolate fan, and most certainly not a very sweet milk chocolate fan. But as the temperature rises I just can’t help myself sometimes. I seriously doubt the end of October will be as hot as the start, but that doesn’t stop me predicting that these chocolate pumpkins will be very popular with the Hotel Chocolate generation.

Having devoured half of this ‘pumpkin’ I’m finding it a touch too much. It is very sweet and resembles the milk chocolate I recall Hotel Chocolat. But perhaps I’m about thirty years too old to appreciate it? Just like music, us ‘oldies’ may just not get children’s chocolate?

There’s not a great deal else I can say about this treat as despite being physically being three-dimensional, taste-wise it is very much a one-dimensional affair. But that’s what children generally prefer – a complex chocolate pumpkin with notes of tobacco and hints of pinewood would, I expect, be wasted on a young child.

The good news is that if you are looking for a chocolate treat that is suitable for a child that’s a vegetarian then Hotel Chocolate do a good job of pointing out the dietary nature of their chocolate and this is one for you to consider.

Whether you consider £5 too much for a relatively small chocolate Halloween treat is your own call – the problem I have is that they have so much more I’d prefer, not least the dark chocolate Boo! pieces.


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