Honeycomb & Marshmallow Chocolate Pizza

One of my guilty pleasures has to be chocolate pizzas, there’s just something about how they’re created that just make them so enjoyable and easy to eat. With most gourmet chocolate I get to review it’s all about consuming small bites – enjoying the delicate flavours and aromas and indulging every sense. But with chocolate pizzas, for me at least, it’s all about satisfying the most base of urges. It’s all about sweetness, the chocolatiness and the fun.

What makes chocolate pizzas special is that they so faithfully recreate the take-away pizza experience with the delivery box looking so realistic. Of course they’re not going to send them flying around the box as they wing their way to the lucky recipients – they have to keep the chocolate pizza protected from the environment so they are sealed with the clear plastic, but you’ll only see that once you have lifted the lovely red-paper inner wrapping which gives it that gift or present feel.

When I was looking at it trying to think where the honeycomb comes into it. But obviously that aspect comes from the malteser-like balls on the top, whilst the marshmallow is fairly evident. It’s this bit I loved the most actually. Not because of the flavour but the texture actually makes it feel like you’re biting into a real pizza with the soft feel of the thick cheese.

The faux-cheese on this pizza is actually offered by the white chocolate shavings which are liberally sprinkled on the 1cm thick milk chocolate base. It’s this milk chocolate which I actually found most pleasant. It would have been so easy to make it out of Nestle-style 20% cocoa solids couverture, but they use 33.8% cocoa solids which does have more of a chocolate taste, but also a good sharp edge from the sugar which sort of replicates the saltiness of traditional pizza.

The Gourmet Pizza Company has a wide variety of chocolate pizzas with this honeycomb and marshmallow creation being just one. You can also choose form a ‘Chewy Lewy’ which is made with toffee bon bon’s and rainbow drops, there’s also a ‘crunchy munchy’ with fudge and brownies, one with jelly beans, and a few dark chocolate pizzas – which I wish I saw when the guys asked which I’d like to review. May be in a couple of months or so I can get to try one of those? I’m not hinting at all ;-)

I know I’ve tried a lot of novelty chocolate, but the chocolate pizzas have to be my favourite – mostly because more often than not most novelty chocolate is made out of the worst chocolate. Even though, the couverture these pizzas won’t win any awards, it still good and far better than could be expected.

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Quick Rating
  • 70% – well worth getting a loved one as a birthday or Christmas present


  • The guys at the Gourmet Pizza Company sent me this pizza to review


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