Chocolate Pearls

Chocolate Pearls from Artisan du ChocolatAs I continue my look at chocolates I just want to try … I’ve found some chocolate pearls from Artisan du Chocolat. They’ve got a good selection too. For starters they’ve got some Silver South Sea Pearls which are silver/white chocolate pearls filled with dark chocolate ganache – and boy doesn’t that sound great? I don’t actually know anything about pearls, apart from ladies love them, but I get the impression that South Sea pearls are the best.

To get the silver pearl colour they use edible pearlescent pigments and from what I can see they do look incredibly life-like. So if you’re looking for a chocolate Christmas gift then why not have a look at these? They’re £16.00 for 200g which gets you about 24 pearls. And if you’re thinking about getting them as a Christmas present then don’t buy them more than two weeks before the big day as they’ve only got a shelf life of 14 days. And you can also get these pearls in a golden colour if the recipient would prefer that?

Artisan du Chocolat also do Tahitian chocolate pearls which are more of a silver colour and are made with dark chocolate and hazelnut praline. As I’m not a fan of hazelnut, I’d prefer the South Sea pearls.

Where To Buy Chocolate Pearls

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