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Nutella going nuts?Here’s a quick chocolate news round-up before the big match tonight.

There’s much ado about food labelling. Whenever I review chocolate I always try and have a look at what sort of information the manufacturer gives about the nutritional contents of the chocolate. But I understand that small producers such as Red Star just can’t afford to get all of their differing chocolate bars assessed. There is one up-side however. David Zimmer, secretary general of Caobisco worries that such requirements would hinder investment and product development in the chocolate industry. And I’m inclined to agree. I just love finding and trying the chocolates from home-based chocolatiers. I’d much prefer that they’re protected in any new legislation. And that’s the potential end of Nutella.

I could easily munch through a load of Divine Dark chocolate and am glad to see that they’ll be launching a 85% dark chocolate bar to coincide with Chocolate Week (11th – 17th September). The bar will be exclusively available at Tesco for £1.69 for a 100g bar. I hope the lovely people don’t forget me on the samples list ;-)

I can’t stop thinking of trying I’ve not seen before. So when I heard about a new chocolate shop in Bristol called A Bar of Chocolate I just had to take a peek. Apart from the usual suspects there are some chocolate bars from Meybona and Ko-Koá. I’ve currently got about 100 bars in the reviews line. So they may have to wait for a while. Has anyone else tried them? You can find out more about the owners Wesley and Toni Thorne in the This Is Bristol article.

And whilst the little ones work hard to succeed, the big ‘ole Nestle is having trouble with staff who have rejected a 1% pay offer Confectionary News reports.

And a women in Blackburn, Lancashire didn’t find four thousand holes, but a moth in some chocolate. I wonder if they tasted like the chocolate covered bugs I reviewed earlier this year?

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