Chocolate Marbles In A Mug

Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate Marbles In A Mug

What haven’t I said already about the Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate marbles that would encourage you to buy some? The ones I reviewed a few weeks ago where designed to be enjoyed whilst watching the Olympics or celebrating the Queen’s jubilee, while these are just for you to scoff enjoy at your own leisure.

The package unwrapped

Now I can’t actually find anything about the marbles on their site to detail and comment on, but from my own inspection I can let you know that the centre is made from speculoos which is a light, crunchy biscuit type affair. As you can see, there are two colours of these chocolate marbles. The orange ones are actually orange glazed white chocolate coating the speculoos and which has a sweet and slightly tart flavour which is very uplifting and summery.

Inside one of the Sir Hans Sloane marbles

The dark chocolate ones dominate the mug as they massively outnumber the orange ones. And I’m glad they do as I absolutely adore them. They’re obviously made out of dark chocolate which coats the speculoos. They’re not as bitter as one may expect, instead they have that very moreish, low-level dark flavour that is far more exciting that other chocolate treats you might consume whilst watching a film. There are far more tasting than anything like that you could buy.

The only issue is the cost. I don’t actually know how much they cost as Bill McCarrick kindly gave me these, but I know that if you see him at any festival or see his chocolate at any of these outlets then you really should get some!

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