Chocolate Habanero Voodoo Sauce

Every day you learn something new. The first thing I’ve learned that it’s not only Labradors that may have chocolate in their name but don’t actually contain any chocolate. And today I learned that there’s also something called a Chocolate Habanero which is as far removed from the sweet taste of milk chocolate as you could possibly imagine.

So when I sat down to review this Voodoo sauce I bought from Scorchio I was somewhat disappointed to find out that there was in actual fact no cacao involved. But one thing I have learned is that one should never one to pass-up the opportunity to review chilli-related stuff. Hence I got out the crackers and promptly accidently stuck the top of the bottle up my nose.

My fridge is full of chilli sauces of various types, some sweet, some bbq flavoured and some just a typical chilli type. Unfortunately there’s nothing especially unique about this chilli sauce – certainly no lovely chocolatiness – there’s just a simple chilli heat wrapped around a red onion flavour, which although very nice, wasn’t unique enough for me to rave about it.

Buy it if you like chilli, don’t be daft, like me, and buy it because it may taste of chocolate. #FAIL.

Where To Buy This Chocolate Habanero Voodoo Sauce
  • Scorchio – £4.99


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