Chocolate isn’t always about self-indulgence, ok most of the time it is. But you might also like to buy chocolate as a gift for others. Here I’ll try and collate all the different types of chocolate gifts you can buy online, and give my thoughts about how appropriate they are and if they’re any good. So here’s the list.

Chocolate Making Workshops
If you wanted to buy an activity gift then a voucher for entrance to a variety of chocolate making workshops around the country is a very good idea. Most of them say the person attending has to be 18 or over, whilst others say they can be 14 or older. Also some of the activity gift sites have chocolate making workshops up and down the country, and others just have them in a couple of places. » more «

Father’s Dayt-
Dad’s don’t get treated enough if you ask me so in June you should really get your father something great, and what could be better than giving some father’s day chocolate gifts? Of course chocolate companies normally focus on mother’s when it comes to chocolate but over the last few years they’ve really decide to cater for Father’s Day too so there is quite a bit to choose from.

Chocolate Gift Hampers
What a better way to say I love you than to get your wife or husband a chocolate gift hamper? You don’t have to spend a fortune either as you can get fairly decent ones for less than £20, although the good value ones seem to be around the £40 to £50 level. You can spend over £100 if you wished – but that’s a whole lot of love there! » more «

Chocolate Birthday Gifts
There’s just so much if you’re looking to buy chocolates as a birthday gift. Basically anything goes, but if you’re looking for something special, then feel free to take a look at our research of what are the best ones available to buy online. » more «

Christmas Chocolates
Chocolate is just so important at Christmas. Of course it’s the main festival and holiday of the year for good reason, but also it’s about fun and indulgence. If you’re looking for chocolate Christmas gifts then take a look at what Cadbury’s have – especially as their chocolates for children. But also check out Hotel Chocolat as they have some fabulous chocolates for this Christmas coming out and Thorntons are very good for Christmas too! Obviously don’t forget the Gold Chocolate Coins as they’re a must for any Christmas stocking! Work out if the person you’re buying would prefer white chocolate gifts. And for a bit of guidance about buying chocolates for Christmas view our » Christmas chocolate buyers’ guide « If you’re wanting non chocolate stocking fillers then we’ve partnered with another company. Check them out, I just don’t have enough time to do all those products too. And if  you wanted to buy some of the most beautiful gift boxes then we have some featured.

Chocolate Novelties
And don’t forget the power of chocolate novelty gifts when buying presents – they’re ace. There are so many to choose from depending on the time of year. But we particularly like the chocolate pizzas, white chocolate butterflies, chocolate potatoes, chocolate fish, chocolate chicken, chocolate covered bugs – there’s just so much out there!

Wedding Favours
For many people choosing the wedding favours is one of the most difficult decisions to make when organising a wedding. Thankfully we’ve written a nice, neat guide to buying wedding favours.

Valentines Chocolates
If you wanted some novelty Valentine’s gifts then try the Fancy A Quickie. For unusal chocolate valetnines gifts there are some around, but most on offer seem to be pretty mainstream like the chocolate hearts