Chocolate Craft Expands Into Chocolate Making Parties

One of the things that has always prevented me from going to a chocolate making workshop is finding the time to travel out as there aren’t a great number available up here. But now Chocolate Craft has expanded their range of chocolate making events by styling them as parties and having them at your home.

Chocolate Craft At Home‘ aims to bring all that chocolaty fun and frolics into your own abode. They’ll bring everything needed for the chocolate parties including the chocolate makers, professional equipment and packaging so you don’t have to worry about anything. And being inept in all things kitchen-related I’m sure I could learn a thing or too, as well as giving my creative side a good run out.

I see these events as being great for hen weekends and for parties for budding chocolatiers, or even as romantic presents perfect with Mother’s Day which is just a couple of short months away, and even Christmas.

But, they need people to make these happen. The guys there have asked me if I could see if any of this blog’s readers would like to work as ‘CHOCOLATE CRAFT ambassadors’ in the South of England. You can find details here if this is something you feel you would enjoy doing or call 01962 732731. What could be better than making chocolate all day?

Lee McCoy

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  • Many of us do love eating sweets especially chocolates. Kids really love this one too. Making chocolates with different shapes makes it attractable for eaters.