Chocolate Craft Assortment

Chocolate Craft Assortment

It’s always good to step away from the ‘big boys’ and try something different, and being an almost daily reviewer of what the chocolate world has to has to offer you do come across of a lot of similarity between selection boxes but these from Chocolate Craft were refreshingly different.

Without a menu it’s not exactly the easiest of tasks to pick out the flavours but the first I’m sure was some cherry caramel which was beautifully sweet with a delightful resistance. I only managed to have a couple of bites and went for another and realised there was no more for me to scrutinise. All I can say was that it had a pleasant flavour that I’d not come across in this fashion before.

The next was a beautifully shiny praline dome that had the saltiness at a level where the hazelnut could actually be recognised but there was an added flavour that I couldn’t pick out, with only the two goes at it I thought there was an orange element, but I could be wrong.

I then went for the alcoholic white chocolate truffle and boy does this taste intoxicating. I can feel the boozy vapours at the back of my throat for a good while after consuming it. But what I do love is the marshmallow-like centre; it’s very unusual and incredibly pleasant. So often white chocolate can be too sweet and have an overpowering vanilla flavour, even though this is sweet, there’s enough going on flavour-wise to distract you.

Then there was a coffee affair. This was milder than could have been expected. There was the slightest resemblance of the coffee chocolates in Cadbury’s Roses because there was no intense espresso flavour; it was more a creamy frappuccino. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but again it’s not what I expected.

And then this dark orangey ganache which was striking in its acuteness. It was very dark with an incredibly sharp citrus flavour – this was completely out of sync with the others, but I have only reviewed half of them (I’m saving the rest for my wife). There was a dry earthiness to this which I’m sure wouldn’t most people who like the creamy assortments, in fact, there’s also another alcoholic quality which just lies beneath the other striking flavours and takes you by surprise as it slides down.

Overall, they were enjoyable and at £6.95 you can’t really argue. They’re great if you wanted to support small British businesses. The only problem we have as consumers is how do you choose between one chocolatier and another? My view is that most of us are on this planet long enough to try most. Why not make it Chocolate Craft’s turn this time?

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  • 68% – it’d be difficult to compete with say Paul A. Young, William Curley, Pierre Marcolini and other high profile names, but they do a sterling job!


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