Chocolate Covered Bugs: Insect Larva & Crickets

Chocolate Covered Bugs and Insects

Why did I think this was a good idea? In a peak of stupidity I found myself at and then somehow managed to buy some chocolate covered larva and crickets. For those really interested, that’s Tenebrio Molitor larva and Acheta Domestica covered in the best food stuff known to man.

Chocolate Covered Bugs and Insects Close Up

Well I obviously didn’t know what I was buying or was in a haze or something, because when they arrived I was disappointed that they were so small! Why would I think that? Smaller the better if you ask me!

Chocolate Covered Cricket

In the little box you’ll get two of each, some larva and a cricket, one coated in milk chocolate and one in white. Can I ask if I don’t eat the white chocolate one as I’m not a fan? Please? These things just look scary and thoughts of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ come flooding back. I don’t know what I’m so afraid of. As I child I used to eat ants in South Africa and I’ve survived a few student cooking experiences.

Chocolate Covered Cricket

But actually it doesn’t taste too bad. The milk chocolate was very milky and had the flavour that chocolate dog treats have. But the texture is off-putting. I’ve got dry pieces of cricket floating around my mouth and catching the back of my throat – not nice at all!

Chocolate Covered Insect Larva

Whilst the white chocolate larva has a very sweet taste and the texture is just as off-putting. It’s horrible as you swallow it. I’m trying not to drink any water so I can document the experience fully for you. But I’m craving something to remove the thought of that I’ve got roasted, unborn insects in my mouth. But I don’t know what’s worse, the thought of that or actually eating incredibly sweet white chocolate?

Chocolate Covered Insect Larva Close Up

If these pictures don’t put you off then I don’t know what will. There isn’t a great deal of flavour other than that of the chocolate coating. Thankfully they haven’t started to repeat on me yet!

Should I give them a proper review? Heck no! All I can say is if you want to try something different and port and stilton chocolate truffles aren’t enough, then you can buy some of these chocolate covered insects for £4.99, plus £1.99 postage and packing from

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