Dark Chocolate Coated Marcona Almonds

Chocolate-coated nuts aren’t supposed to taste refreshing. You’re not supposed to think of a brook running through the Derbyshire countryside when you munch on them. You’re supposed to think of dry, arid Kent nut orchards as so many chocolate coated nuts I try are made by big companies with little talent. But these Dark Chocolate Coated Marcona Almonds with Olive Oil, Honey and Rosemary from Fruition are just so expletive-producingly awesome that you want to clear your diary and relax with what’s left and just have some ‘me time’ .

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Almonds are naturally something I gravitate to anyway. So is Olive Oil (I adore it lavishly doused on great quality bread with pieces of tomato and onion), honey (who doesn’t love it on their breakfast cereal?) and rosemary (with thoughts of fantastic roast beef with roast potatoes with a liberal coving of the herb). These almonds are destined to be loved. But there’s a great deal more work going on that meets the eye. The ingredients have to be balanced and they have to be crafted into the final product.

Out of the packet

It’s the perfect interplay of flavours and textures that makes these winners. The olive oil and the honey almost cancel each other out, but they don’t actually manage it. The flavours just nudge, at the beginning at least, out above the almond. That sweetness in turn combines with the dark chocolate to offer a swirl of mellow flavours – just as a cool breeze pushes itself gently through a meadow.


I keep thinking to myself: “don’t have another, stop there, don’t do it”. Of course I have no will to stop. They’re there, I love them, they’re mind and, just sod it.


Part of me expected them not to make the lengthy journey over from upstate New York. The other part of me didn’t want to like them because I knew how much I loved Bryan’s other nut creations and I just wanted to an excuse to be negative. But I do actually love them – despite the flavours being cute rather than aggressive. If I did want to have something to moan about it would be ‘why the heck weren’t I sent the Jalapeño Dusted Corn Nuts too? Now they do sound divine!

Right, I’m off to find some naff chocolate to review.

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