Chocolate Cigarettes

It’s strange how some very meaningless things from your childhood stand out. For me it was that chocolate cigarettes were banned. Now I don’t know if that’s true, and why we’re seeing them now, but I’ve always wondered what they tasted like. Having bought these from Candy Inc. via Amazon, I just wish I hadn’t wasted that £1.60.

To my mind, there is nothing worse than rubbish chocolate that you’ve got to work to taste. In the name of research I tried eating the chocolate cigarettes with the paper on, and of course they tasted terrible. And that’s a feat as the chocolate itself is probably the worst I’ve ever tasted, even more bland than the Bite The Bullet gift I reviewed last year. The ‘chocolate’ is just sweet and without any sense of that wonderful, true chocolate flavour I’ve come to love. They’re just plain insipid.

But look on the good side. Every parent should buy these for their children as they should prove to be the best smoking-prevention aid there ever was – anyone that wants to take up smoking after trying these certainly needs their head checking!

What also amazes me is how on earth these things can be called ‘Quality Sticks’ as they’re anything but. In all seriousness, avoid these like you’d want to avoid … well you get the idea. Go for the proper Chocolate Cigars instead!

Where To Buy These Chocolate Cigarettes
  • Handy Candy – £1.70 for 5
  • Handy Candy – 75p for 2

Quick Rating:
  • Avoid

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  • Alyssa S

    That doesn’t even look like real chocolate. It’s so discolored! I’ve only heard of these. At least they look kind of vintage and cool in the packs! lol