Chocolate Christmas Tree Decorations

If there’s anything I love most about Christmas, other than the presents themselves and spending time with family, are the chocolate Christmas tree decorations that you can get. Even the cheap ones from the supermarkets aren’t too bad … ok, they’re terrible, but it’s still chocolate and I think Christmas trees look so much better if they’ve got Chocolate decorations hanging from the branches. So sit back and have a look around a few of these sites and see what stands out for you?

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tree Decorations
Hotel Chocolat do a couple of options for chocolate Christmas tree decorations, you can get a mixed bag of 10 for £12.50. These are a mixture of bells, plaques and what looks like leaves in three different packets which come in gold, white and red. I must say they look beautiful. You can also just buy a selection of 10 white ones for the same price.

» Hotel Chocolat «

Wholesale Chocolate Decorations
You can get bulk selections of chocolate Christmas tree decorations from Chocolate Buttons. Even if you didn’t want them in wholesale quantities you can get a variety of chocolate snowmen, Santa boots, nutcracker soldiers, stars, bells, baubles and the such like in packs of 10, 30 and 60 – so they’d be great if you’ve got a big Christmas tree at home, at work or you just want to cover every inch of your home in them!

2011 Update: This year it looks like Chocolate Buttons have done a great job expanding their range as they now have a selection of Cadbury’s tree decorations as well novel Crib ones as well as boxes of Lindt Christmas tree decorations

» Chocolate Buttons’ Tree Decorations «

You can also get some Santa Christmas tree decorations from Thorntons which only cost £2.99 which may be worth getting – especially as they don’t contain any artificial flavours or colours.

Montezumas do some which looks like baubles in both gold and yellow and you get 9 of them for £12.50.

For those of you who really didn’t want to spend too much then you can visit Tescos who do bags of “Bon Bon budies Cars” chocolate decoartions for £2 a bag of 2 for £3 – they don’t look all that great though!

If the idea of making your own chocolate decorations is appealing then try the Cakes, Cookies and Crafts website who has moulds for you to use.

When it comes to keeping a Fairtrade theme going you could visit the Traidcraft website who stock “Meaningful” chocolate decorations.

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