The Chocolate Cellar Ganache & Bon Bon Selection Box

The Chocolate Cellar Selection Box

I bought this chocolate selection box from The Chocolate Cellar after eventually venturing into Liverpool for the Easter Market in Liverpool One. I wasn’t overly impressed with the handful of sheds that made up the event, but I was very impressed with the selection of chocolates within their shop and the warm friendly atmosphere of the staff in there. I’ll definitely be popping back! But this time I came out with this selection box and two bars which included another ginger one – I bought another a week earlier at the Ramsbottom chocolate festival – doh!

The Chocolate Cellar Dark and Stormy

The first I tried I’m sure was the Dark and Stormy bon bon which was absolutely fantastic. The dark chocolate and the whisky combined exceptionally well. The flavours were strong, intoxicating and brilliant whilst the centre was soft and velvety! A great start!

The Chocolate Cellar Lavandula White Chocolate Ganache

I wasn’t so fond of this second one which was the Lavandula as it was predominantly white chocolate. Even though the quality was undoubted and the ganache centre smooth and luscious, there wasn’t enough going on for my taste.

The Chocolate Cellar - Caramel Dream

The next was the Caramel dream in milk chocolate. I actually loved this one. There may not have been anything unique or outstanding about it. But with chocolate selection boxes you need some good ones with mild flavours and some family favourites too. This is where this caramel comes in. The milk chocolate is sweet and works well with the caramel centre. Very good.

The Chocolate Cellar - Tia Maria Pots

I then tried the Tia Maria Pots which was dark chocolate ganache made with Tia Maria which was covered with milk chocolate and topped with a coffee bean. This was absolutely sensational. It may have been difficult to bite into but the flavours were rich, strong and delightful. I’m not sure if the very crispy coffee bean on the top added to the experience or not. But over all I thought this ganache was terrific.

The Chocolate Cellar - Whiskey and Gunpowder

Ok, so this is the Whisky and Gunpowder and it’s truly fabulous. The whisky might be mild, but the chilli is wicked. It’s very strong and will give the back of your throat a hard time. But I thought it was great. The flavour was full of character; whist the texture was soft and delicate. This is a juxtaposition that works extremely well.

The Chocolate Cellar - Minty Surprise

And we’re on a roll! Next up was the Minty Surprise which was made with Crème de Menthe with crushed chillies in a white chocolate ganache encased in dark chocolate with a marbled top. Another great one. I’m a huge fan of mint. The only problem was that it came just after the very powerful Whisky and Gunpowder ganache which made this one feel a little understated. The milk chocolate casing did work incredibly well with the crème de menthe centre which left me wanting more. Alas there was only of these in the box!

The Chocolate Cellar - Hunny Almond

I’m sure this one is the Hunny Almond as it’s a milk chocolate made with honey with crushed almonds in the middle. Life couldn’t get better! I just love honey and almonds. I’m easily pleased! This is nice solid, substantial bon bon which reminds me of Toblerone – which I also love. This one might not be as flavoursome as the others, but I feel it’s important to have milder chocolates in a selection box and this does a great job of bringing you to a nice place after the very rich ones before.

The Chocolate Cellar - Molten Maple

This one was more difficult to work out what it is. I think it’s the Molten Maple which is maple caramel with cinnamon in a milk chocolate casing. It would have been very difficult to match the flavours of the other ones, but actually this is another simple caramel with sweet flavour. Nothing really stands out, but it’d be difficult to have robust flavours in each. Still very nice.

The Chocolate Cellar - Gold Rush

I think this one was the Gold Rush which is made out of Galliano in a dark chocolate ganache coated in more dark chocolate. This one was lovely. There weren’t many flavours than the dark chocolate, but that’s perfectly fine with me. I really did enjoy this one.

The Chocolate Cellar - CaramelThe Chocolate Celler

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