Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set

Chocolate Bath Bombs

I bought this chocolate bath melts set from Find Me A Gift for £9.99 but have now found it on Amazon for £8.66. I don’t even know why I bought it. OK, I do. I’m a big softy and love a bubble bath after a hard day’s work. So thought I’d give these chocolate bath bombs a whirl.

Chocolate Bath Bombs

When I bought them I don’t think either site used photos that really showed off what you get inside your Ballotin. Well you get a fantastic variety of chocolate ‘flavoured’ bath bombs that look incredibly cute. The ballotin itself may not look all that special, but the appearance of the bath bombs inside more than make up for it.

The first thing I did notice was the aroma. Often non-food ‘chocolate’ products have an insipid aroma, but these didn’t. They may have been sweet-smelling, but not over the top.

Chocolate Bath Bombs

So I duly drew a bath and let the bath bomb do its job. The aroma wasn’t as strong as before, but the fizz took centre stage. I chose the heart-adorned cup cake because I thought it was the cutest of them all. What I should have realised, however, was that cupcakes typically have paper cups to them. I left it on and then half-way through enjoying the bath I felt something washing up against my feet. If you get these, then remember to take the wrapper off!

Chocolate Bath Bombs - Bubbles

During the bath my skin did feel soft and velvty – apparently that’s what its supposed to do. £2 each may be a bit much for this sensation though. You can get a hole bottle of Matey bubble bath for that! I’d rather share my bath with a cupcake than a sailor, regardless of how innocent they look – any day of the week.

Overall, I thought they were great. But trying to sound all matcho, I’ll leave the rest in the box. Ok? (blush).

The cheapest place you can get them is from Amazon for £8.66 and would make present if you’re looking for stocking fillers this Christmas.

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