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Having worked making sorbets and ice-creams at Buckingham Palace before opening his own shop in 1984, Patrice Chapon is accustomed to creating great confections fit for royalty. His chocolates have won a number of awards including “Best Chocolats de Paris” in 2003. Chapon now operates 3 chocolate shops located throughout Paris and an online store. Patrice Chapon’s wide range of delicious chocolates includes a line of single origin chocolate bars as well as an assortment of exquisite filled chocolates.

Chapon Single Origin Chocolate Bars

Patrice Chapon’s single origin chocolate bars are produced from quality cacao beans harvested from a wide variety of locations throughout the world. His fine single origin bars include:

  • Madagascar – 72% chocolate that expresses a delightful banana flavour with tangy notes of citrusy lemon and exotic spices.
  • Indonesia, South East Asia – 72% chocolate with a wide range of exquisite flavour notes including berries, raisins, citrus fruit, coffee and wood. It also exhibits a distinct criollo flavour.
  • Ecuador, South America – 72% chocolate combining dried fruit with sweet notes of liquorice, caramel, litchis, treacle and wood.
  • Sao Tome, Africa – 70% chocolate that starts with a rich herbal flavour followed with sweet notes of honey, giving way to a warm spiciness that ends in a taste of Brazil nuts.
  • 82% Venezuela, South America – This chocolate bar exhibits earthy undertones and carries spicy hints of nutmeg and cinnamon throughout.
  • 70% Venezuela, South America – A chocolate bar that carries spicy notes of nutmeg and undertones of wood and pine.
  • Ghana, Africa – This chocolate bar exhibits subtle hints of lemongrass and celery with a touch of spice.
  • Indonesia-Ecuador-Ghana – A delicious blend of origins consisting of delightful cherry and orange flavours with notes of spicy ginger and cinnamon. This bar also exhibits an aftertaste of walnut.

Other chocolatebars produced by Chapon include the Colombie, Vanuatu-Madagascar, Ghana-Indonesie, Cuba, and Tanzanie.

Chapon Assorted Boxed Chocolates

In addition to a fine selection of quality single origin chocolate bars, Chapon also carries an assortment of delicious dark and milk chocolates. These exquisite chocolates exhibit a fine shell with luscious and creamy fillings. Chapon’s assorted chocolates include creamy and rich ganaches, marzipans and almond and hazelnut pralines, among a large variety of other fine chocolate creations.

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