A housewife’s Review on Chocolat Bonnat Equateur

A review by Dawn Woodgate – an amateur baker and a professional chocoholic! You can connect with Dawn on Twitter or Facebook.

I was really excited when I was asked to review a bar of chocolate from the famous house of Bonnat, chocolatiers & Confectioners since 1884. To start with the wrapper show’s a detailed etched drawing of the Church of Saint Bruno’s in Voiron, Isere France; where Felix Bonnat began his business. The light green colouring on the wrapper makes you think that it may contain mint.  Personally, as it’s called Equateur, I think it indicates warmer flavours; perhaps a colour like Orange or red would suit it better.

When I opened the wrapper, it revealed a gorgeous dark glossy chocolate.  The aroma was what you would expect from a good quality dark chocolate but not overpowering.  Breaking off a square of the chocolate was easy; it was firm but had a good clean snap.

Taste wise, it was rich & slightly bitter but the honey flavour softened the intenseness of the chocolate & there was also a smooth creaminess to the taste.  Having a bar of chocolate created by the Bonnat family, I wanted to do more than just devour it; I wanted to experiment with it in my baking.

As cup cakes are all the rage at the moment, I thought why not invent a new one using the Chocolat Bonnat Equateur.  I decided to put a recipe together with added orange flavours.  The result was an Orange zest cupcake with an orange & honey ganache filling, topped with a pale orange vanilla frosting.  All the cakes got a 100% thumbs up & one person described it as a high end cupcake another wanted a birthday cake size.  I’ve included the recipe for you to try at home, happy baking.