Chococo White Chocolate Lemon Meringue Easter Egg

When it comes to Easter it’s often very difficult to get a true comparison between the large guys such as Thorntons and the smaller guys such as Chococo as everyone seems to go their separate ways and produce a huge variety of Easter eggs. Apart from the standard, milk, dark and white, you rarely get two companies attempting the same egg. But this year we’ve got Chococo producing a Lemon Meringue Easter egg just ad Thorntons did last year and to be perfectly blunt, although I have a lot of respect for Thorntons, I do much, much prefer Chococo’s version.

We all love surprises. Not all will know that Chococo has a knack of delivering the unexpected but after breaking up this Easter egg they’re sure to have a smile on their face. You see despite looking just like any other Easter egg that’d you’d find from a small chocolatier, there’s actually some wonder contained within.

The outside of the egg may be ordinary-looking white chocolate with splashes reminiscent of my recent foray into the world of DIY. As you break in you’ll find a layer of 43% Venezuelan couverture you get your first hint that there is something different about this egg. And if you peered into the gaping hole you have you’re bound to create you’ll see exactly why this Easter egg is so much better than most: you’ll spy some strange looking yellow oblong shapes. Candied lemon, no less, surrounded by a bountiful supply of meringue pieces.

I started this review a couple of days ago. Those fourty-eight hours have seen me consume my weight in organic fruit and veg. Abstaining from glutony and all things ‘bad’ is what Lent is all about. And indulgent, flavoursome Easter eggs is exactly what Easter is about. And there can be little else more indulgent than white chocolate and milk chocolate combined with liberally sugar-coated candied lemon. But I’m left in a quandary. Chocolate reviewers aren’t supposed to like white chocolate. It’s “wot common people eat”. Will I’ll stick two chocolate fingers up at that assertion – I love it, and I don’t care who knows.

In terms of price its £12.99 for 175g of chocolate and goodies. To me for a quality egg that aims to be superior to all the other Easter eggs in that price range, they certainly succeed.

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  • Kev A

    Argh, that’s another egg added to the list of easter eggs I want to try this year! So many good quality options!

  • Laura

    Gosh. That looks magnificent!

    Easter eggs are usually such a disappointment… I’ll be hinting at this one!