Chococo Sea-Salt Popcorn Chocolate Clusters

After a run of reviewing some very serious chocolate, it’s nice to step back and try some very frivolous and novel chocolate treats. From Chococo we a company that doesn’t get the credit they deserve and hopefully these sea-salt popcorn chocolate clusters should certainly help enhance their reputation.

We’ve seen that multinational, giant of a company produce chocolate clusters, but I’d contend that they don’t even come close to these. Of course there’s a huge price difference as these cost £7.50 for a 100g bag, but they’re worth it – especially when you consider that the chocolate used to coat this popcorn in a delightful 44% Trinitario. The couverture used is just perfect to support the sharp Cornish sea salt and bring to life the inherently mute popcorn.

If you get a chance to try one you’ll notice the sweet flavour as your teeth bite through the chocolate coating. Next you’ll notice the crunch of the popcorn. You’ll be devouring it and then notice the absolutely fantastic salt-flavour that comes from nowhere. I think at any other level the salt would either be too pronounced or not noticeable – I’d say they’ve got the balance just right.

My only problem with them is that we’re going to the cinema this weekend and I’ll have to endure the tasteless and insipid Odeon popcorn which isn’t a patch on this gorgeous stuff.

Where To Buy These Sea-Salt Popcorn Chocolate Clusters
  • Chococo – £7.50 for one bag, £11.50


Quick Rating:
  • 68% – a great nibbling treat!


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