Chococo Cherry & Amaretto Dark Chocolate Clusters

Amaretto & Cherry Dark Chocoolate Clusters

This is getting tedious. Everything I’ve reviewed lately, I’ve loved. Recently I was saying to somebody at Salon du Chocolat that I absolutely love cherry and almond, and especially when combined with chocolate – and then these clusters appeared.

At first I thought they were some sort of Dolceria Bonajuto confection as I didn’t read the packaging well enough (I never do). The granular texture, of course, was given by the Amaretto biscuit and given that it’s so liberally coated in intense Grenadian 70% dark chocolate I obviously thought it was origin chocolate of the more rustic nature. It wasn’t until the almond flavour started to kick in that started to realise what I was munching on.

The Clusters

The cherry flavour too is mild until you get you hit a piece of it. But this is actually an aspect of the experience I enjoy. With many treats of this kind all the flavours happen at once. You end up in a fog of cocoa – unable to define any one flavour. Here you get the absolutely delicious Grenada 70% for a decent amount of time and then the Amaretto gives its flavour and the most divine of textures. And the cherry builds up – slowly. Part of me would actually like more cherry in it – perhaps not so much for the flavour as that builds up to the right level, but more so for the texture. I love biscuit, but perhaps it would have been nice with more softness interspersed?

The Chococo range of chocolate clusters range from £6.95 upwards and I think, considering the woeful Cadbury clusters that you’ll be told by the television to buy this Christmas, I do think these are good value for money. The flavours are unique and clear. The texture is combines the smoothness of the chocolate with that of the crunchiness of the biscuit. That in itself is delightful.

I’ve consumed all but three of these little clusters whilst I’ve been writing up the review. I think that’s a sign of how addictive they are – not least because they actually use proper chocolate!


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  • ann

    I have tried a few things from them before and have never been that impressed. They are expensive but quality wise certainly not in the same league as the London chocolatiers.