Choc-O-Bars 54% Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

Choc-O-Bars 54% Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

This is another bar that I’ve picked up from the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival via Bon Bons, but it’s actually made by Choc-o-bars from Belgium. And as we’re always told that Belgian chocolate is the best in the world I’m expecting good things from it. I’ll actually find out how good their chocolate is when I do my chocolate tour of Brussels, but if this bar is to go by, then I can’t assert that it is the best in the world.

The problem I had is that I couldn’t find this bar on their site, but with the help of Google Translate I worked out that … well nothing that wasn’t on the bar itself. There was no information about the source of the cocoa, but as a guestimate I’d say it tasted somewhat like the Valrhona Gran Couva 2009 from Trinidad as it had a caramel nature to it, but obviously a fair bit sweeter being only 54% cocoa.

Choc-O-Bars 54% Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

This is the issue I have with it. The sugar completely overpowers the cocoa and the more and more you have the more stark the difference is. It becomes a bar of sugar rather than a bar of chocolate. Even with milk chocolate there’s a roundness to the cocoa that often compliments from the sweetness – other than the Nestle rubbish.

Choc-O-Bars 54% Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

I’m left feeling that I’ve had a whole bottle of chocolate sauce poured down my throat. I now that sounds harsh but any quality of the chocolate and any excellence in chocolate manufacturer have been lost in a sea of sweetness. I hope this doesn’t foretell of my Belgian chocolate experience later on this year.

I’m not having a good run at delicious chocolate lately!

  • Taste: 50% – much too sweet and nothing else to distract from that
  • Texture: 75% – the texture was very nice indeed, but my thoughts were complete distracted by the taste
  • Appearance: 60% – the plastic wrapping didn’t contribute to a positive experience
  • Nutritional Information: 60% – hardly anything there
  • Price: 59% – at £3.59 for the bar it’s overpriced
  • Overall: 60.8%

Where To Buy The Choc-O-Bars 54% Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

Nutritional Information:
  • Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa MAss, Soya Leithin, Natural Vanilla
  • Contains Soya and may contain traces of nuts
  • 54% cocoa minimum

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