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One of my biggest problems working from home and having a fairly large chocolate stash is that I always have the opportunity to snack on stuff during the day – when I just plain shouldn’t. Thankfully I don’t concentrate on the full-fat, mass-produced stuff on this blog, but prefer to look at the more healthy dark chocolate – but that still doesn’t stop me over-indulging. I went through the phase of buying packets of seeds and nuts and mixing them together in a big tub and having that next to my desk, and moving all of the chocolate into another room. But alas, I still have major chocolate cravings during the day.

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Years ago I found out that there are many nutrients that we can only get from various seeds and pulses so I started trying to consume more, but I always seem to miss them off the shopping list. I’ve been thinking that if they were chocolate coated then I’d more likely to buy them and get my dose of “good stuff” with them. And now I can thanks to Munchy Seeds.

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With the US going bananas about chocolate milk and Jamie Oliver rightly trying to knock school dinners into shape, I believe there is a huge market for chocolate covered good stuff that kids can take to school. And with this mix of sunflower seeds (21%), dried apricot (7%), Pumpkin Seeds (5%) they are getting some good nutrients in there. I know that there is a good, liberal dose of 20% cocoa solids milk chocolate in there, but at least Munchy Seeds are giving parents a great alternative to normal sugar-laden chocolate bars for their kids.

And on the taste-front, I was very much surprised about how nice they tasted. It was easy to expect them to be dry and of minimal flavour, but instead they were jam-packed with sweetness and a great deal of flavour from the seeds and apricot – and that’s what makes these so damn moreish. I’ve only got a small taster pack of these, but they do come in a much larger 50g packet as well as 200g and 500g tubs which makes them more cost-effective.

Having completely no will-power when it comes to desk-based snacks I think I’ll have to get myself a large tub or two to nibble on as I write all of my hideous reports so I can have some pleasure with the pain. What’s more, this choccy mix contains vitamin E which should help strengthen my body’s immune system, zinc for my bones, iron for energy and fibre for my heart – I can sure see these seeds become an active part of my diet as I prepare for next year’s London Marathon. I’ll also get some of their other mixes which are focused on other health benefits such as the chilli mix which would help my metabolism and the vanilla mix for my wife who’s feeling under-the-weather.

Where To Buy These
  • Munchy Seeds
  • As well as Lakeland, Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco and Booths and many other independent retailers. You can find your nearest here.

  • Taste: 75% – absolutely fantastic when it comes to mixing stuff that’s good for you with stuff we all adore
  • Texture: 75% – it’s difficult to notice, but there’s certainly nothing that feels out of place
  • Appearance: 75% – just going on the visuals of the retail products on their website they look fun and attractive
  • Nutritional Information: 100% – I really can’t fault it. There’s everything you would need if you’re interesting in the ingredients and health benefits
  • Price: 80% – a very good price!
  • Overall: 81% – a delightful, light, alternative to snacking on chocolate bars

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